Inspector Morse - Episode List

Season 7

3Jan 20, 1993Twilight of the Gods
2Jan 13, 1993The Day of the Devil
1Jan 6, 1993Deadly Slumber

Season 6

5Apr 15, 1992Cherubim and Seraphim
4Apr 8, 1992Absolute Conviction
3Mar 25, 1992The Death of the Self
2Mar 11, 1992Happy Families
1Feb 26, 1992Dead on Time

Season 5

5Mar 27, 1991Promised Land
4Mar 20, 1991Greeks Bearing Gifts
3Mar 13, 1991Who Killed Harry Field?
2Feb 27, 1991Fat Chance
1Feb 20, 1991Second Time Around

Season 4

4Jan 24, 1990Masonic Mysteries
3Jan 17, 1990Driven to Distraction
2Jan 10, 1990The Sins of the Fathers
1Jan 3, 1990The Infernal Serpent

Season 3

4Jan 25, 1989The Secret of Bay 5B
3Jan 18, 1989Deceived by Flight
2Jan 11, 1989The Last Enemy
1Jan 4, 1989The Ghost in the Machine

Season 2

4Mar 22, 1988Last Bus to Woodstock
3Mar 15, 1988The Settling of the Sun
2Mar 8, 1988Last Seen Wearing
1Dec 25, 1987The Wolvercote Tongue

Season 1

3Jan 20, 1987Service of All the Dead
2Jan 13, 1987The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn
1Jan 6, 1987The Dead of Jericho


SpecialNov 20, 2000Inspector Morse Rest in Peace
SpecialNov 15, 2000The Remorseful Day
SpecialNov 11, 1998The Wench is Dead
SpecialNov 19, 1997Death is Now My Neighbour
SpecialNov 27, 1996The Daughters of Cain
SpecialNov 29, 1995The Way Through the Woods
SpecialJan 6, 1993The Mystery of Morse