NOVA - Episode List

Season 45

7Jun 27, 2018Rise of the Superstorms
6Apr 18, 2018Decoding The Weather Machine
5Feb 28, 2018Prediction by the Numbers
4Feb 14, 2018Great Escape at Dunkirk
3Feb 7, 2018First Face of America
2Jan 31, 2018The Impossible Flight
1Jan 10, 2018Black Hole Apocalypse

Season 44

28Dec 27, 2017Day the Dinosaurs Died
27Dec 20, 2017Bird Brain
26Nov 22, 2017Extreme Animal Weapons
25Nov 8, 2017Killer Floods
24Nov 1, 2017Killer Hurricanes
23Oct 25, 2017Killer Volcanoes
22Oct 18, 2017Secrets of the Forbidden City
21Oct 11, 2017Ghosts of Stonehenge
20Oct 4, 2017Secrets of the Shining Knight
19Sep 13, 2017Death Dive to Saturn
18Aug 21, 2017Eclipse Over America
17May 31, 2017Poisoned Water
16May 17, 2017Chinese Chariot Revealed
15Apr 26, 2017Building Chernobyl's MegaTomb
14Apr 19, 2017Holocaust Escape Tunnel
13Feb 22, 2017Why Trains Crash
12Feb 15, 2017The Origami Revolution
11Feb 8, 2017Ultimate Cruise Ship
10Feb 1, 2017Search for the Super Battery
9Jan 11, 2017The Nuclear Option
8Jan 4, 2017Secrets of the Sky Tombs
7Nov 16, 2016Treasures of the Earth: Power
6Nov 9, 2016Treasures of the Earth: Metals
5Nov 2, 2016Treasures of the Earth: Gems
4Oct 12, 2016Super Tunnel
3Oct 5, 2016Great Human Odyssey
2Sep 14, 2016School of the Future
1Sep 7, 201615 Years of Terror

Season 43

22May 11, 2016Bombing Hitler's Supergun
21May 4, 2016Operation Lighthouse Rescue
20Apr 20, 2016Wild Ways
19Apr 13, 2016Can Alzheimer's Be Stopped?
18Apr 6, 2016Vikings Unearthed
17Feb 24, 2016Rise of the Robots
16Feb 17, 2016Iceman Reborn
15Feb 10, 2016Memory Hackers
14Feb 3, 2016Creatures of Light
13Jan 27, 2016Himalayan Megaquake
12Jan 20, 2016Mystery Beneath the Ice
11Jan 13, 2016Life's Rocky Start
10Jan 6, 2016Secret Tunnel Warfare
9Nov 25, 2015Inside Einstein's Mind
8Nov 18, 2015Making North America: Human
7Nov 11, 2015Making North America: Life
6Nov 4, 2015Making North America: Origins
5Oct 28, 2015Animal Mummies
4Oct 14, 2015Cyberwar Threat
3Oct 7, 2015Secrets of Noah's Ark
2Sep 23, 2015Arctic Ghost Ship
1Sep 16, 2015Dawn of Humanity

Season 42

22Jul 29, 2015Nuclear Meltdown Disaster
21Jul 15, 2015Chasing Pluto
20May 13, 2015Lethal Seas
19May 6, 2015Nazi Attack on America
18Apr 22, 2015Invisible Universe Revealed
17Apr 15, 2015The Great Math Mystery
16Feb 25, 2015Hagia Sophia: Istanbul's Ancient Mystery
15Feb 18, 2015Petra: Lost City of Stone
14Feb 11, 2015Colosseum: Roman Death Trap
13Jan 28, 2015Sinkholes—Buried Alive
12Jan 21, 2015Sunken Ship Rescue
11Jan 14, 2015Big Bang Machine
10Dec 3, 2014First Man on the Moon
9Nov 19, 2014Killer Landslides
8Nov 12, 2014Emperor's Ghost Army
7Nov 5, 2014Bigger Than T. Rex
6Oct 29, 2014First Air War
5Oct 22, 2014Ben Franklin's Balloons
4Oct 8, 2014Surviving Ebola
3Oct 8, 2014Why Planes Vanish
2Sep 24, 2014Rise of the Hackers
1Sep 10, 2014Vaccines—Calling the Shots

Season 41

22May 28, 2014D-Day's Sunken Secrets
21May 14, 2014Escape From Nazi Alcatraz
20May 7, 2014Why Sharks Attack
19Apr 23, 2014Inside Animal Minds: Who's the Smartest?
18Apr 16, 2014Inside Animal Minds: Dogs & Super Senses
17Apr 9, 2014Inside Animal Minds: Bird Genius
16Apr 2, 2014Wild Predator Invasion
15Feb 12, 2014Great Cathedral Mystery
14Feb 5, 2014Roman Catacomb Mystery
13Jan 29, 2014Ghosts of Murdered Kings
12Jan 22, 2014Killer Typhoon
11Jan 15, 2014Zeppelin Terror Attack
10Jan 8, 2014Alien Planets Revealed
9Nov 20, 2013Asteroid: Doomsday or Payday?
8Nov 20, 2013At the Edge of Space
7Nov 13, 2013Cold Case JFK
6Nov 6, 2013Making Stuff Safer
5Oct 30, 2013Making Stuff Colder
4Oct 23, 2013Making Stuff Wilder
3Oct 16, 2013Making Stuff Faster
2Oct 9, 2013Megastorm Aftermath
1Sep 11, 2013Ground Zero Supertower

Season 40

20May 29, 2013Oklahoma's Deadliest Tornadoes
19May 29, 2013Manhunt - Boston Bombers
18May 1, 2013Australia's First 4 Billion Years - Strange Creatures
17Apr 24, 2013Australia's First 4 Billion Years - Monsters
16Apr 17, 2013Australia's First 4 Billion Years - Life Explodes
15Apr 10, 2013Australia's First 4 Billion Years - Awakening
14Apr 3, 2013Ancient Computer
13Mar 27, 2013Meteor Strike
12Feb 20, 2013Mind of a Rampage Killer
11Feb 13, 2013Earth From Space
10Feb 6, 2013Building Pharaoh's Chariot
9Jan 30, 2013Who Killed Lindbergh's Baby?
8Jan 23, 2013Rise of the Drones
7Jan 9, 2013Decoding Neanderthals
6Jan 2, 2013Doomsday Volcanoes
5Nov 18, 2012Inside the Megastorm
4Nov 14, 2012Ultimate Mars Challenge
3Nov 7, 2012Mystery of Easter Island
2Oct 17, 2012Forensics on Trial
1Oct 10, 2012Secrets of the Viking Sword

Season 39

19Apr 25, 2012Secrets of the Sun
18Apr 18, 2012Why Ships Sink
17Apr 11, 2012Deadliest Tornadoes
16Apr 4, 2012Hunting the Elements
15Mar 28, 2012Cracking Your Genetic Code
14Feb 8, 2012Separating Twins
13Feb 1, 2012Ice Age Death Trap
12Jan 25, 2012Mystery of a Masterpiece
11Jan 18, 20123D Spies of WWII
10Jan 11, 2012Bombing Hitler's Dams
9Jan 4, 2012Deadliest Volcanoes
8Nov 23, 2011The Fabric of the Cosmos - Universe or Multiverse?
7Nov 16, 2011The Fabric of the Cosmos - Quantum Leap
6Nov 9, 2011The Fabric of the Cosmos - The Illusion of Time
5Nov 2, 2011The Fabric of the Cosmos - What is Space?
4Oct 26, 2011Iceman Murder Mystery
3Oct 19, 2011Finding Life Beyond Earth: Are We Alone?
2Sep 28, 2011Surviving the Tsunami
1Sep 7, 2011Engineering Ground Zero

Season 38

17Apr 20, 2011Power Surge
16Mar 30, 2011Japan's Killer Quake
15Feb 23, 2011Venom: Nature's Killer
14Feb 16, 2011Crash of Flight 447
13Feb 9, 2011Smartest Machine on Earth
12Feb 9, 2011Making Stuff Smarter (4)
11Feb 2, 2011Making Stuff Cleaner (3)
10Jan 26, 2011Making Stuff Smaller (2)
9Jan 19, 2011Making Stuff Stronger (1)
8Jan 11, 2011Deadliest Earthquakes
7Dec 28, 2010Secrets Beneath the Ice
6Nov 23, 2010Quest for Solomon's Mines
5Nov 16, 2010Secrets of Stonehenge
4Nov 9, 2010Dogs Decoded
3Nov 2, 2010Trapped in an Elevator
2Oct 26, 2010Emergency Mine Rescue
1Oct 19, 2010Building the Great Cathedrals

Season 37

18May 4, 2010Mt. St. Helens Back From the Dead
17Apr 27, 2010Mind Over Money
16Apr 13, 2010Telescope: Hunting the Edge of Space - The Ever Expanding Universe
15Apr 6, 2010Telescope: Hunting the Edge of Space - The Mystery of the Milky Way
14Mar 2, 2010Pluto Files
13Feb 9, 2010Extreme Cave Diving
12Feb 2, 2010Ghosts of Machu Picchu
11Jan 19, 2010Riddles of the Sphinx
10Jan 12, 2010Building Pharaoh's Ship
9Jan 5, 2010Killer Subs in Pearl Harbor
8Dec 29, 2009What Darwin Never Knew
7Nov 24, 2009What Are Dreams?
6Nov 17, 2009Becoming Human Part 3: Last Human Standing
5Nov 10, 2009Becoming Human Part 2: Birth of Humanity
4Nov 3, 2009Becoming Human Part 1: First Steps
3Oct 20, 2009Lizard Kings
2Oct 13, 2009Hubble's Amazing Rescue
1Oct 6, 2009Darwin's Darkest Hour

Season 36

17Jun 30, 2009Musical Minds
16Apr 14, 2009Doctors' Diaries (2)
15Apr 7, 2009Doctors' Diaries (1)
14Mar 31, 2009Last Extinction (Megabeasts' Sudden Death)
13Mar 24, 2009Extreme Ice
12Feb 24, 2009Rat Attack
11Feb 3, 2009The Spy Factory
10Jan 27, 2009The Incredible Journey of the Butterflies
9Jan 20, 2009The Big Energy Gamble
8Dec 30, 2008Is There Life On Mars?
7Nov 25, 2008Ocean Animal Emergency
6Nov 18, 2008The Bible's Buried Secrets
5Nov 11, 2008Alien From Earth
4Oct 28, 2008Fractals: Hunting The Hidden Dimension
3Oct 21, 2008Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives
2Oct 14, 2008Space Shuttle Disaster
1Oct 7, 2008Arctic Dinosaurs

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