Our World - Episode List

Season 2018

21Sep 14, 2018Colombia - A Fragile Peace
20Sep 8, 2018A Tale of Two Swedens
18Aug 4, 2018Norway's Silent Scandal
17Jul 21, 2018Weapons of Mass Deception
16Jun 16, 2018Guatemala: After the Fire
15Jun 9, 2018Pakistan's Child Maids
14Jun 2, 2018Crisis in Catalonia
13May 26, 2018Escaping Europe
12May 19, 2018My Stolen Childhood
11May 12, 2018Mexico's Streets of Blood
10May 5, 2018Iraq's War on Meth
9Mar 9, 2018Working with the Enemy
8Mar 2, 2018Russia's 'Fake' Election
7Feb 24, 2018Crushing Dissent in Egypt
6Feb 16, 2018"We Lived Through a War." Compton, LA
5Feb 10, 2018The Trauma of War
4Feb 2, 2018France's Stolen Children
3Jan 26, 2018Russia's Ghost Towns
2Jan 19, 2018China's Chat Girls
1Jan 12, 2018Ukraine's Frontline Bakery

Season 2017

36Dec 8, 2017The Return
35Dec 1, 2017Why Can't My Child Speak?
34Nov 24, 2017The Massacre at Tula Toli?
33Nov 17, 2017The Butcher of Bosnia
32Nov 10, 2017Rebuilding Puerto Rico
31Nov 3, 2017Escaping ISIS
30Oct 27, 2017The Forgotten Children of the Ukraine
29Oct 20, 2017Songbirds for Sale
28Oct 13, 2017Welcome to Germany
27Oct 6, 2017In the Shadow of El Che
26Sep 29, 2017Madagascar's Sapphire Rush
25Sep 22, 2017Conflict and Cholera: Yemens Catastrophe
24Aug 18, 2017Life Under The Caliphate
23Aug 11, 2017China's New Silk Road
22Jul 28, 2017Resistance and Repression in Venezuela
21Jul 21, 2017The Battle for Raqqa
20Jul 14, 2017Praying for Asylum
19Jul 7, 2017Sicily Overwhelmed with Yalda Hakim
18Jun 30, 2017Murder On Campus
17Jun 23, 2017Goodbye Aleppo
16Jun 16, 2017Homeless in Hawaii
15Jun 2, 2017Football on the Frontline
14May 26, 2017The Sex Slaves of Al Shabaab
13May 19, 2017My Child, ECT and Me
12May 13, 2017Transgender Family
11May 6, 2017Srebrenica: Denying Genocide
10Apr 29, 2017Banished for Bleeding
9Apr 22, 2017Living With The Dead
8Apr 1, 2017Return to Mosul
7Mar 11, 2017Freedom and Fear in Myanmar
6Mar 4, 2017Cambodia: The Power of Memory
5Feb 25, 2017Killing for Honour
4Feb 17, 2017Nuclear Test Survivors
3Feb 11, 2017Killing for Conservation
2Feb 3, 2017The Chimp Smugglers
1Jan 28, 2017Black in Trump's America

Season 2016

40Dec 30, 2016Killing the Ganges with Justin Rowlatt
39Dec 23, 2016The Year the World Changed
38Dec 17, 2016The Funeral Bombing
37Dec 10, 2016The Forgotten Shipwreck
36Dec 3, 2016Living Goddesses
35Nov 25, 2016Cleansing Turkey
34Nov 19, 2016American Addiction
33Nov 12, 2016Australia's Shark Menace
32Nov 5, 2016Nomad Warrior Women
31Oct 29, 2016The Poisoning of Flint
30Oct 22, 2016The Killing of Qandeel
29Oct 8, 2016Sweden: Exporting Islamic Extremism
28Oct 1, 2016The Philippine Drug War
27Sep 24, 2016Starving Yemen
26Sep 17, 2016Afrikaners on the Edge
25Aug 6, 2016Russia: Crushing Dissent
24Jul 30, 2016Going Hungry in Venezuela
23Jul 23, 2016Ghana's Child Labourers
22Jul 14, 2016Iran's Nuclear Deal
21Jul 9, 2016A Symphony for Syria
20Jun 25, 2016Life on the Rubbish Dump
19Jun 18, 2016The Horrors of the Red House
18Jun 11, 2016Legacy of Wounded Knee
17Jun 4, 2016The European Dream
16May 28, 2016Disabled and Displaced
15May 21, 2016Dancing for Peace? with Natalio Cosoy
14May 14, 2016Killing The Ganges
13May 7, 2016China's Family Planning Army
12Apr 30, 2016Terror at the TV Station
11Apr 23, 2016Death at the Junction with Yolande Knell
10Apr 15, 2016Norway:Parents Against The State
9Apr 9, 2016The Penguin Watchers
8Mar 12, 2016Kidnapped in Mexico
7Mar 5, 2016Confronting the Cartels
6Feb 27, 2016Thailand's Asylum Crackdown
5Feb 20, 2016Columbine: A Killer in the Family
4Feb 13, 2016Return to Zanskar
3Feb 6, 2016Libya: The Hunt For The Golden Gun
2Jan 30, 2016Votes For Women
1Jan 23, 2016An American Injustice

Season 2015

41Dec 23, 2015The Lusitania's 100 Year Secret
40Dec 12, 2015Welcome to Germany with Catrin Nye
39Dec 5, 2015Surviving Ebola
38Nov 28, 2015Greece: No Place to Die
37Nov 14, 2015The Lost Daughter of Halabja
36Nov 7, 2015Pregnant and Punished in the UAE
35Oct 31, 2015South Sudan: Shattered Dream
34Oct 24, 2015Russia's Modern Mystics
33Oct 17, 2015After the Jungle
32Oct 10, 2015A Bumpy Road to Rio
31Oct 3, 2015South Korea's Adoption Shame
30Sep 26, 2015The Bangladesh Blogger Murders
29Sep 18, 2015Yemen: The Hidden War
28Aug 8, 2015The Killing of Farkhunda
27Aug 1, 2015A Very Political Assassination
26Jul 25, 2015Living with Malaria
25Jul 18, 2015Deported to Afghanistan
24Jul 11, 2015Made in China: Club Drugs
23Jul 2, 2015Bosnia: The Cradle of Modern Jihadism?
22Jun 27, 2015Mediterranean Migrants - Rescue at Sea
21Jun 20, 2015Pardon Me, Mr President
20Jun 13, 2015Mosul: Living with Islamic State
19Jun 5, 2015The Lusitania's 100 Year Secret
18May 28, 2015Who Killed Alberto Nisman?
17May 20, 2015Saving Gaza's Grand Piano
16May 16, 2015Nepal: Survivors' Stories with Yalda Hakim
15May 9, 2015Arctic Mission with David Shukman
14Apr 25, 2015Kidnapped for a Decade
13Apr 25, 2015Remembering the Armenian Massacres
12Apr 18, 2015The Uighurs, Silk Road Survivors
11Apr 11, 2015Ukraine's Fragile Ceasefire
10Apr 4, 2015Rhino Wars
9Mar 21, 2015St Helena: An End to Isolation
8Mar 27, 2015Saving Gaza's Grand Piano
7Mar 13, 2015Inside Eritrea
6Mar 6, 2015A Royal Wedding: Indian Style
5Feb 27, 2015The Power of Le Pen
4Feb 20, 2015Uganda: My Mad World
3Feb 13, 2015Bringing Business Back
2Feb 6, 2015The Billion Dollar Gamble
1Jan 30, 2015Calais: The Final Frontier

Season 2014

37Dec 13, 2014Pakistan's Women: Punished for Love
36Dec 6, 2014World's Most Dangerous Hospital
35Nov 22, 2014Flashpoint: South China Sea
34Nov 15, 2014Rojava: Syria's Secret Revolution
33Nov 8, 2014Iran's Sex Change Solution
32Nov 1, 2014Switzerland: Stolen Childhoods with Kavita Puri
31Oct 25, 2014Europe's Revolutions
30Oct 18, 2014Libya: Last Stand Against Jihad
29Oct 11, 2014Designed In China
28Oct 4, 2014The Mountain That Eats Men
27Sep 28, 2014Ireland's Hidden Bodies, Hidden Secrets
26Aug 30, 2014The Battle for Northern Iraq - With Yalda Hakim
25Aug 16, 2014Reclaiming Russia's Paradise
24Jul 26, 2014The War Widows of Afghanistan
23Jul 19, 2014The Missing Migrants with Will Grant
22Jul 11, 2014Down to Earth: Mosul Revisited
21Jul 5, 2014Destination Syria with Catrin Nye
20Jun 27, 2014Nigeria Undercover with Yalda Hakim
19Jun 21, 2014Mount Everest - The Sherpa's Story
18Jun 14, 2014One Man, Three Wives with Yalda Hakim
17Jun 6, 2014Back From the Front: Acid Oceans
16May 31, 2014Saudi's Secret Uprising
15May 24, 2014Saving the Awa Tribe
14May 17, 2014Venezuela's Tower of Dreams
13May 9, 2014The Man Who Fell to Earth
12May 3, 2014Vietnam: Children of the Enemy
11Apr 26, 2014China's Model Army
10Apr 19, 2014Mugabe at 90
9Apr 12, 2014The Imam, the Archbishop and the Killers
8Apr 5, 2014A Good Man in Rwanda
7Mar 30, 2014Djibouti on the Frontline
6Mar 8, 2014India's Invisible Women
5Mar 1, 2014Inside Bagram Prison
4Feb 22, 2014Inside China's Steel City
3Feb 15, 2014The Bloody Rhino Horn Trade
2Jan 25, 2014Thailand's Slave Fishermen
1Jan 4, 2014Living with the Roma

Season 2013

46Dec 29, 2013Turkey's Hidden Truths
45Dec 7, 2013Peru's Cocaine Trail
44Nov 30, 2013Exorcising Mexico's Demons
43Nov 16, 2013Colombia's Child Soldiers
42Nov 9, 2013Sri Lanka's Unfinished War
41Nov 2, 2013Iran's Secret Army
40Oct 26, 2013Dropping the Knife: Kurdistan
39Oct 19, 2013Dropping the Knife: Gambia
38Oct 12, 2013Russia's Frozen Assets
37Oct 5, 2013Tel Aviv Comes Out
36Sep 28, 2013China's Love Hunters
35Sep 21, 2013Indonesia: The Mercury Time Bomb
34Sep 14, 2013Coffee's Cruel Secret
33Sep 7, 2013Germany Under Pressure
32Aug 31, 2013Myanmar's Extremist Monk
31Aug 24, 2013Bahrain: Policing Protest
30Aug 17, 2013Clinton in Africa
29Aug 10, 2013Yemen - America's New Frontline
28Aug 3, 2013Peres at 90
27Jul 27, 2013Australia's Adoption Shame
26Jul 20, 2013Yemen: The Most Dangerous Journey on Earth
25Jul 13, 2013In Sickness and in Debt
24Jul 6, 2013Lebanon on the Brink
23Jun 29, 2013Treasures of the Deep
22Jun 22, 2013Meet the Hackers
21Jun 15, 2013Bangladesh: Out of the Rubble
20Jun 8, 2013Fleeing Syria
19Jun 1, 2013The Violent Heart of LA
18May 25, 2013Rescuing Russia's Orphans
17May 18, 2013Romario Tackles Brazil
16May 11, 2013Ukraine's AIDS Racket
15May 4, 2013Sri Lanka's Open Wounds
14Apr 27, 2013Electrifying Africa
13Apr 20, 2013In Your Eyes: The Women of Iraq
12Apr 13, 2013Paragliding Over Mosul
11Apr 6, 2013Who Am I?
10Mar 30, 2013Mongolian Boom-time
9Mar 23, 2013Born Under a Bad Sign
8Mar 16, 2013Nigeria's Hidden Conflict
7Mar 9, 2013The Battle for Mali
6Mar 2, 2013Guatemala's Sweet Deal
5Feb 16, 2013Murder in the Mediterranean
4Feb 9, 2013Kenya Elections - A Family Affair
3Feb 2, 2013Hillary: America's Diplomat in Chief
2Jan 26, 2013The Iron Ladies Of Burma
1Jan 19, 2013India's Lost Girls

Season 2012

33Sep 29, 2012Syria - Descent into Hell
32Sep 28, 2012The Big Melt
31Sep 22, 2012Gridlock Sao Paulo
30Sep 15, 2012Witchhunt in Iraq
29Sep 1, 2012Trafficked
28Aug 25, 2012Cold Turkey in Karachi
27Aug 18, 2012Bombing Belarus?
26Aug 11, 2012China's Toughest Test
25Aug 4, 2012The Curse of Gold
24Jul 28, 2012Corruption Crusader
23Jul 21, 2012Germany's Far Right
22Jul 14, 2012The Governor's Dirty Billions
21Jul 7, 2012Miami Justice
20Jun 23, 2012India's Water Crisis
19Jun 16, 2012Abdullah is Beautiful
18Jun 9, 2012The Edge of the Earth
17Jun 2, 2012A Death in Honduras
16May 26, 2012Human Torches of Tibet
15May 19, 2012Spain's Stolen Babies
14May 12, 2012The Interrogators
13May 5, 2012Dodging the Pirates
12Apr 28, 2012The Marriage Breakers of Bangladesh
11Apr 21, 2012Titanic Remembered
10Apr 14, 2012President and the Pulpit
9Apr 7, 2012No Man's Land
8Mar 31, 2012Canada's First Nations Crisis
7Mar 24, 2012Supply Chain Children
6Mar 17, 2012Bahrain's Forgotten Spring
5Mar 10, 2012Beyond the Abyss
4Mar 3, 2012Hope for Haiti?
3Feb 25, 2012Dagestan's Football Dreams
2Feb 11, 2012Brainwaves
1Feb 4, 2012Has The Amazon Been Saved?

Season 2011

40Dec 29, 201129/12/2011 - Wind Turbines
39Nov 12, 2011The Arctic Convoys
38Nov 5, 2011Europe's Christian Exodus
37Oct 30, 2011Abuse in America
36Oct 22, 2011School of Olympic Dreams
35Oct 15, 2011The Witchdoctors' Children
34Oct 9, 2011Mission For Maths
33Oct 2, 2011Dangerous Journeys North
32Sep 24, 2011Crossing Steinbeck's America
31Sep 16, 2011Securing New York
30Sep 10, 2011That September Day
29Sep 3, 2011Fallout 9-11
28Aug 26, 2011Living With Slums
27Aug 21, 2011Gorbachev - Part 2, The Great Dissident
26Aug 20, 2011Gorbachev - Part 1, The Great Dissident
25Aug 13, 2011Barcelona - Bullfighting And Cathedrals
24Aug 6, 2011Oldham: Crossing The Line
23Jul 30, 2011Ruling Iran
22Jul 24, 201124/07/2011
21Jul 16, 2011Uganda - Experiments in Aid
20Jul 2, 2011Inside Assad's Syria
19Jun 24, 2011Journey from Tahrir
18Jun 4, 2011China's Green Revolution
17May 28, 2011Stalin's Toxic Legacy
16May 21, 2011Pirate Hunters
15May 13, 2011Yemen Uprising
14May 7, 2011Ecuador's Oil Gamble
13Apr 30, 2011The Vanishing Antarctica
12Apr 23, 2011Sisters of the Revolution
11Apr 16, 2011Building Helmand
10Apr 9, 2011Tragedy at Smolensk
9Apr 2, 2011Behind the Saudi Veil
8Mar 19, 2011Cuba at the Crossroads
7Mar 12, 2011Palin's Race
6Mar 5, 2011Cyberwar
5Feb 25, 2011The Guantanamo Prisoner
4Feb 19, 2011Oil, Politics and Hugo Chavez
3Feb 12, 2011The Gulf: Armed & Dangerous
2Feb 5, 2011Somalia's Forgotten Suffering
1Jan 29, 2011From Rubble to Recovery

Season 2010

42Dec 24, 201024/12/2010 - Putin's russia
41Nov 6, 2010Elections - Burmese Junta Style
40Oct 30, 2010Extreme Schemes
39Oct 23, 2010Gary - City of the Century?
38Oct 16, 2010Joining the Club
37Oct 9, 2010Europe's Secret Prisons
36Oct 2, 2010The Legacy of Empire
35Sep 25, 2010Clash of Faiths
34Sep 18, 2010God's Beggar Children
33Sep 11, 2010Luol Deng - Home Game
32Sep 4, 2010Kandahar: the Prize
31Aug 21, 2010Alaska - After the Spill
30Aug 14, 2010Iraq - Militiamen
29Jul 31, 2010Brazil's Child Prostitutes
28Jul 17, 2010Pakistan and the Great Game
27Jul 10, 2010Thailand's Red Rage
26Jul 3, 2010Anti-gay in Uganda
25Jun 19, 2010This Is London
24Jun 5, 2010Inside North Korea
23May 29, 2010Afghanistan's Alcatraz
22May 28, 2010Returning to Sierra Leone
21May 8, 2010China's Unknown Mega City
20May 1, 2010Motorway Man
19Apr 24, 2010FC Barcelona
18Apr 17, 2010Mexico's Drug War
17Apr 10, 2010On/Off
16Apr 2, 2010Aid Under Scrutiny
15Mar 27, 2010Cracking Walls
14Mar 20, 2010Front Line Helmand
13Mar 13, 2010Beneath the Radar
12Mar 5, 2010Inside Cuba
11Feb 27, 2010The Rise of the Sceptics
10Feb 20, 2010The Cocaine Trail
9Feb 13, 2010Sharing Power
8Feb 6, 2010Mandela - 20 Years of Freedom
7Jan 30, 2010Ceausescu's Children
6Jan 23, 2010Guantanamo Reunited
5Jan 16, 2010Uganda
4Jan 9, 2010Operation Angry Cobra
3Jan 9, 2010Hard Labour
2Jan 2, 2010Breaking into Auschwitz
1Jan 2, 2010Vanishing Breed

Season 2009

52Apr 23, 2009Warm Russia
51Sep 6, 2009The Winton Train
50Aug 22, 2009Dancing with the Devil
49Dec 26, 2009Mission Makers
48Dec 25, 2009Saving India's Dancing Bears
47Dec 24, 2009Inside MI5
46Dec 19, 2009Tar Wars
45Dec 12, 2009The Perfect Storm
44Dec 5, 2009Climate Countdown
43Nov 28, 2009Return to Sobibor
42Nov 14, 2009Sharia UK
41Nov 7, 2009Fall of the Wall
40Oct 31, 2009Hunger to Learn
39Oct 17, 2009Mine Games
38Oct 10, 2009Politics of Thirst
37Oct 3, 2009Spain's Dark Past
36Sep 26, 2009Hollywood or Bust
35Sep 19, 2009How a Bank Changed the World
34Sep 12, 2009Hitler's Bodyguard
33Sep 4, 2009Children of Beslan
32Aug 15, 2009Proud of the Cloud
31Aug 1, 2009Chechnya's Missing Women
30Jul 25, 2009Our World: The Russian Billionaire
29Jul 19, 2009Henry Allingham's Story
28Jul 11, 2009Beloved Sons
27Jul 4, 2009The Pirates of Somalia
26Jun 27, 2009Can China Save the World? (2)
25Jun 20, 2009Can China Save the World? (1)
24Jun 13, 2009Malaria: A Mother's Journey
23Jun 6, 2009The End of Solidarity
22May 30, 2009One Family, Two Armies
21Apr 23, 2009Third Time Lucky, Sir Ranulp Fiennes on Everest
20May 16, 2009Poisoned Seas
19May 19, 2009Glitz and Grime
18May 2, 2009Defending The Bourgeoisie
17Apr 25, 2009Les Liasons Dangereuses
16Apr 18, 2009Zimbabwe
15Apr 11, 2009Haiti in Crisis
14Apr 4, 2009Russia's New Model Army
13Mar 28, 2009Power Rules
12Mar 21, 2009Darwin's Footsteps
11Mar 14, 2009A Sodier's Tale
10Mar 7, 2009Brazil's Bitter Harvest
9Feb 28, 2009Basra Farewell
8Feb 21, 2009Iran, 30
7Feb 14, 2009Nicole's Story
6Feb 7, 2009Kabul Cops
5Jan 31, 2009Africa's Forgotten Conflict
4Jan 24, 2009Back From the Front
3Jan 17, 2009Saving the River
2Jan 10, 2009Conflict Delta
1Jan 10, 2009The Lost Bomb

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