Future Card Buddyfight - Episode List

Season 6

17Sep 22, 2018Checkmate! Ace of Study versus Chess Genius!
16Sep 15, 2018Shop Preliminaries Begin! Samurai versus Ninja!
15Sep 8, 2018Get Stronger, Yuga! A New Beginning!
14Sep 1, 2018Lost World! Vile Demonic Dragon, Vanity Husk Destroyer! Part 2!
13Aug 25, 2018Lost World! Vile Demonic Dragon, Vanity Husk Destroyer!
12Aug 18, 2018Who's the Academy's Best Fighter? The card that Determines Victory!
11Aug 11, 2018ABC Cup Finals! Yuga versus Masato!
10Aug 4, 2018Win the Rematch! Yuga versus Subaru!
9Jul 28, 2018Defend the Peace! Galaxy Exalt Cosmoman!
8Jul 21, 2018A Deity Descents! Electrodeity of Light, Amaterasu!
7Jul 14, 2018Mel's Adventures in Fairyland! Reverse Subaru's Curse!
6Jul 7, 2018Ranma's Wild Charge! I'm The One Who'll Win!
5Jun 30, 2018It's Finally Begun! The ABC Cup!
4Jun 23, 2018The Transfer Student is the Ace of Sports!
3Jun 16, 2018Clash of the Aces! Ace of Games versus Ace of Study!
2Jun 9, 2018Friendship Battle! Yuga versus Ranma!
1Jun 2, 2018Deity of Combat! Gargantua Dragon!!

Season 5

8May 26, 2018See You Again! Mighty Sun Fighter Forever!
7May 19, 2018Showdown of Destiny! Gao Mikado versus Tasuku Ryuenji!
6May 12, 2018Dauntless! Purgatory Knight versus Supreme Dragon Deity of Creations!
5May 5, 2018Burn Brightly, Noboru! A Tear-Soaked Serious Buddyfight!
4Apr 28, 2018Paruko's a Baby? Gao's First Commentary!
3Apr 21, 2018Final Boss All-Out Attack! Who's the Bad Guy?
2Apr 14, 2018Gao versus Kanata! Batzz, Drum and Bal, United!
1Apr 7, 2018The GGG Cup Opens! All-Star Assemble!

Season 4 Future Card Buddyfight Battsu

52Mar 31, 2018Win Gao! The Last Buddyfight!
51Mar 24, 2018Final Battle! Gao Mikado versus Wisdom!
50Mar 17, 2018Final Plan Activated! New World Chaos!
49Mar 10, 2018Wisdom's Ambition! The Terrifying Upgrade Declaration!
48Mar 3, 2018Gao versus Keisetsu! Return of the Chaos Three!
47Feb 24, 2018The Power That Surpasses Deities! The Ultimate Chaos!!
46Feb 17, 2018Shine Bright! Overturn Shining Dragoner, Jackknife!
45Feb 10, 2018Robo of Urban Legends? Hanako WC Appears!
44Feb 3, 2018Behold! This is Batzz's Overthrow!
43Jan 27, 2018Turbulent Warlord Dragon! Barlbatzz Dragoroyale!
42Jan 20, 2018Buddy Breakup! Farewell, Batzz!
41Jan 13, 2018Gao versus CHAOS Gao! Autodeity Formation Completed!
40Jan 6, 2018A New Buddy! The Clockwork Mighty Sun Fighter!
39Dec 23, 2017Thunder Empire of Friendship! Geargod Rebels?
38Dec 16, 2017Grasp It! The Power Beyond Overturn!!
37Dec 9, 2017Geargod's Overkill! Gao in Dire Straits!
36Dec 2, 2017CHAOS Transcendant, Geargod ver. 099
35Nov 25, 2017Will It Reach Keisetsu? Kanata's New Impact Shot!
34Nov 18, 2017Gaito versus Artificial Intelligence! Explosion of the Mini Geargods!!
33Nov 11, 2017The Power of Overturn! Heavenly Crystal Dragon, Aldo Athora!
32Nov 4, 2017The Demon Sword Draws Near! Keisetsu's Overkill!
31Oct 28, 2017Perfectly Ignored Fighter, Slide Kidoku!
30Oct 21, 2017Infinite Slashes! Demonic Descent Sword of the King, Laevateinn!
29Oct 14, 2017Invasion of Papa Panda! Farewell, Chibi Panda!
28Oct 7, 2017Overturn versus Overkill! Unleash the X-Tempest Ulti-Buster!
27Sep 30, 2017Assemble! Thunder Empire!
26Sep 23, 2017Guru vs Wisdom! The Shocking Geargod VIII!
25Sep 16, 2017Birth! Overturn Black Death Dragon!
24Sep 9, 2017Overkill! Brutal of the Martial Arts!
23Sep 2, 2017Batzz's Overturn! Thunder Emperor's Formation Complete!
22Aug 26, 2017Gao and Batzz! The Starry Sky Promise!
21Aug 19, 2017Tag Match! Kanata and Athora's Crossed Wires!
20Aug 12, 2017Grim Reaper vs. Gaito! The Third Turn of Destiny!
19Aug 5, 2017Training Camp Begins! The X Tempest Buster Revives!
18Jul 29, 2017Nirvana? Gehenna? Guru Bunbuku and Giant Tanuki!
17Jul 22, 2017Time Limit! The Day That Gao Stops Existing!
16Jul 15, 2017Gao in Tasuku! A Two-in-One X Tempest Buster!
15Jul 8, 2017Terror from the Toilet! Aibo Academy is Full of Ghosts!
14Jul 1, 2017After the Raging Battle... Gao Perishes!
13Jun 24, 2017Wisdom's Terrifying Conspiracy! Rage, Batzz!
12Jun 17, 2017Ruler of Chaos! Geargod VII!
11Jun 10, 2017The Desperate Battle Concludes! The Mirage Card Manifests!
10Jun 3, 2017Final Round! Who is the World Number One?
9May 27, 2017Gaito vs Kanata! Impact Shoot of Destiny!
8May 20, 2017Terrifying Ambush! Batzz's Back Against the Wall!
7May 13, 2017Gaito is...? Kaido is...? The Death Sentence Approaches!
6May 6, 2017Strongest Battleship Satsuki Launches! Attack Target: Batzz!
5Apr 29, 2017Become a Tiger! Noboru's Final Fight!
4Apr 22, 2017The World Buddy Masters Begins!!
3Apr 15, 2017No-Damage Fighter, Kanata Ozora!
2Apr 8, 2017Batzz Goes to Earth! Major Panic in Cho-Tokyo!
1Apr 1, 2017The Most Powerful Demon Lord Dragon! His Name is Batzz!

Season 3 Future Card Buddyfight DDD

51Mar 24, 2017Bye-Bye! Eternal Farewell Bal!
50Mar 17, 2017Climax! Unleash the Eternal Bal Blaster!
49Mar 10, 2017Fight! Buddy Champion Deciding Round!
48Mar 3, 2017Secret! The True Nature of Project Triple D!
47Feb 24, 2017Massive Shock! Dragoon Drei's Amazing Power!
46Feb 17, 2017Good Luck! Wolf's Final Fight!
45Feb 10, 2017Seriously Hot! Gemclone's Heart!
44Feb 3, 2017Revenge! Doctor Gara's Revenge!!
43Jan 27, 2017Clash! Tasuku Ryuenji vs Gaito Kurouzu?!
42Jan 20, 2017Seriously?! Mind-Blowing 20,000 Defense?!
41Jan 14, 2017Super Sun Dragon vs. Black Sky Sun Dragon
40Jan 7, 2017Final! WBC Cup World Championships Final Match!
39Dec 23, 2016Endless! Black Sky Sun Dragon Azi Dahaka Daeva!
38Dec 16, 2016Pops! Azi Dahaka's End!
37Dec 9, 2016Ultra-Amazing! Super Sun Dragon, Balle Soleil!
36Dec 2, 2016Serious Trouble! Impact Origin Breaker!
35Nov 25, 2016Last Fight! Farewell, Abygale!
34Nov 18, 2016Revenge! The Tiger Roars Twice!
33Nov 11, 2016For Real? Fake Replica Weapon, Gemclone!
32Nov 4, 2016Meow Meow Meow! Meow Meow, Meow Meow!
31Oct 28, 2016Zeta! Shocking Mobile Berserkers!
30Oct 21, 2016Wedding! Man Mountain Range, Devil Destroy!
29Oct 14, 2016Scary Trap! Jackknife, Arrested!
28Oct 7, 2016Here It Comes! Here It Comes! Here It Comes! WBC Cup World Championships!
27Sep 30, 2016Gao! This is the Dragon Force!
26Sep 23, 2016Go, Go! Bal's Surging Steady Advance!
25Sep 16, 2016Wow! Bal Saucer Over Rush!
24Sep 9, 2016Hot! Searing Executioners of Destiny!
23Sep 2, 2016Bal! Fire, Galactical Punisher!
22Aug 26, 2016Yikes! 5 Seconds to Detonation!
21Aug 19, 2016Grandmother! Enter Tenka Gotsurugi!
20Aug 12, 2016Danger! The Wolf Makes Its Move!
19Aug 5, 2016Here It Comes Again! Terrifying Natural Enemy, Zodiac!
18Jul 30, 2016Here It Comes! WBC Cup Japan Tournament!
17Jul 23, 2016Full Steam Ahead! To the Japan Representative Invitational Island!
16Jul 15, 2016Shock! Zanya's Retirement
15Jul 8, 2016Pow! Great Full Bal Lariat!
14Jul 1, 2016Hooray! Cho-Tokyo Championship Final Festival!
13Jun 24, 2016It's Here! Duel Jaeger Revolted!
12Jun 17, 2016It's Not Working! Bal Burst Smasher?
11Jun 10, 2016So Huge! Chiefs' Showdown!
10Jun 3, 2016Yikes! An Unexpected Fishy Disaster!
9May 27, 2016What? The Stolen Impact Monster!
8May 20, 2016So Lovely! Uniform Warrior of Love and Courage, Blazer Frill!
7May 13, 2016It's Here! WBC Cup Cho-Tokyo Championship!
6May 6, 2016Impressive! Abygale versus Azi Dahaka!
5Apr 29, 2016So Mean! Demon Coach Asmodai!
4Apr 22, 2016Cool! Jack's Impact Monster!
3Apr 15, 2016Scary! Gaito's Impact Monster!
2Apr 8, 2016Amazing! A Sure-fire Way to Win Buddyfight!
1Apr 1, 2016Uh-oh! An Impact Monster is Born!

Season 2 Future Card Buddyfight 100

50Mar 25, 2016Beyond the Limit! Unparalleled Arts, Omni Lord ∞ Burst!
49Mar 18, 2016Save the World! A Hundred Despairs
48Mar 11, 2016The Biggest! The Baddest! The Strongest! Hundred-Eyes Yamigedo!
47Mar 4, 2016Where the Cards Went! Shido's Death Symphony of Rage!
46Feb 26, 2016Captain Answer Overlord's Rebellion!
45Feb 19, 2016Fire Lord Showdown! Burn Nova vs Venom Nova!
44Feb 12, 2016Odd Couples! Kiri and Rouga vs Noboru and Davide!
43Feb 5, 2016Wh-Wh-What's This? Gao versus Okada?
42Jan 29, 2016Tag Match? Zanya and Tetsuya versus Jin and Suzuha!
41Jan 22, 2016The Collision, Crossnize! Jack vs The Inverse Omni Lords
40Jan 15, 2016The Day the Earth Became Stone
39Jan 8, 2016Super Final Battle! Cho-Shibuya Destroyed!
38Dec 25, 2015Final Battle! Specter of Darkness Wasteland, O-Yamigedo!!
37Dec 18, 2015Omni Lords Assemble! Seal Yamigedo!!
36Dec 11, 2015Ikazuchi's Return! Mikado Family Under Attack!
35Dec 4, 2015Rouga vs Eighth Omni Deity Lord, Grangadez!
34Nov 27, 2015Star of Hope! Radiant Guardian! Jackknife
33Nov 20, 2015Towards Tasuku's Despair-Filled Future
32Nov 13, 2015Kidnapped Drum
31Nov 6, 2015Miseria's First Battle! Friendship Crosses Time!!
30Oct 30, 2015Tetsuya Cries Out! The Demon Lord Vanishes Into the Void!!
29Oct 23, 2015Tetsuya Becomes Speechless! The Demon Lord's Betrayal!!
28Oct 16, 2015Legend of the Mist!
27Oct 9, 2015Suzuha Blushes! The Challenge Letter from Tiger!!
26Oct 2, 2015Luminize! Super Dragon Fifth Omni Formation!!
25Sep 25, 2015Farewell Buddyfight!
24Sep 18, 2015Descent of the Fire Lord! Burn Nova Revived!
23Sep 11, 2015A Battle of Heroes!
22Sep 4, 2015Unorthodox Arts, Shoraiabare Kendachi!
21Aug 28, 2015Farewell Star Guardian Jackknife!
20Aug 21, 2015Tragic Earth Lord! A Requiem for Daichi!
19Aug 14, 2015Ghoul Deity Combine! Gojinmaru!
18Aug 7, 2015Punishment for Disrespect! Infinity Death Crest!
17Jul 31, 2015Tasuku Undercover! Buddy Fight Club!
16Jul 24, 2015I'm the Hero! Justice Drum!
15Jul 17, 2015Nanomachine Ninja Showdown! Byakuya vs Tsukikage!!
14Jul 10, 2015Yamigedo! The Fiend That Devours All!
13Jul 3, 2015Parade of Hundred Demons! Terror of the Thunder Mine!
12Jun 26, 2015Win and Advance! 1024 Consecutive Fights!!
11Jun 19, 2015The Wandering Hundred Demons' Hunter
10Jun 12, 2015Hoo-hah! A Hundred Thousand Ziun Years in Search of Friends!
9Jun 5, 2015Crossnize! Star Dragon World!
8May 29, 2015The Demon Swordsman Draws Closer! Tenbu Abducted!
7May 22, 2015Meow, Meow? Cait Sith in Boots!
6May 15, 2015Brothers in Arms! The Battle of Dragon Brainbaltes!
5May 8, 2015The Life of a Buddy Police Trainee!
4May 1, 2015Trouble at Buddy Fest!
3Apr 24, 2015Those Who Hate the Sun!
2Apr 17, 2015The Hundred Demons Attack! Protect Tenbu!
1Apr 10, 2015An Overwhelming Threat!

Season 1

64Apr 3, 2015Break Out Your Future Card!!
63Mar 27, 2015The Shadow of Demise!
62Mar 20, 2015Kyoya's World!
61Mar 13, 2015Eternal Rivals!
60Mar 6, 2015Gao and Tasuku's Epic Battle!
59Feb 27, 2015Rouga Leaves the Pack!
58Feb 20, 2015Gaen Cup Final Round! Tetsuya's Choice!
57Feb 13, 2015Buddy Police Recapture Strategy!
56Feb 6, 2015Showdown Between Teacher and Student! Death Talika vs. Explosive Dragon Fang!!
55Jan 30, 2015Balle du Soleil Collapses!
54Jan 23, 2015Wolf versus Fox! A Battle of Instinct!
53Jan 16, 2015Sword of Nothingness! Distortion Punisher!
52Jan 9, 2015Generations Collide! Drum Breaker Dragon!
51Dec 26, 2014The Tiger Returns!
50Dec 19, 2014Attack of Team Purgatory!
49Dec 12, 2014Paruko Takes the Stage!
48Dec 5, 2014Dancing Fight! Demon King vs. Medusa
47Nov 28, 2014Festival of the Century!! The Gaen Cup!!
46Nov 21, 2014Balle du Soleil Reborn!
45Nov 14, 2014Luminize! Exploding Dragon Fang!!
44Nov 7, 2014Disaster Times Two!
43Oct 31, 2014Tasuku Takes Charge!
42Oct 24, 2014The Grim Reaper Comes at Twilight
41Oct 17, 2014Explosion! Roaring Slash!! Gargantua Punisher!!
40Oct 10, 2014Terror! Darkness Dragon World!!
39Oct 4, 2014Dear, Gao-kun
38Sep 27, 2014The Fenrir of Fate!
37Sep 20, 2014The Woman Who Brought the Medusa!
36Sep 13, 2014Ikarino's Fantastic Dungeon!
35Sep 6, 2014The Mysterious Hero! Captain Answer
34Aug 30, 2014Defenders of Darkness!
33Aug 22, 2014Gao vs. Rouga! Round Two!
32Aug 15, 2014The Legendary Sword Excalibur!
31Aug 8, 2014Gao's Buddy Skill is On!
30Aug 1, 2014Invincible Swordsman! Shosetsu Kirisame!!
29Jul 25, 2014Activate! Mega Blast Bunker!
28Jul 18, 2014Flying Ninja Showdown!
27Jul 11, 2014Buddies Bring Their Best!
26Jul 4, 2014Challenge from Legend World!
25Jun 27, 2014Buddyfight Intensified! Sengoku Academy!
24Jun 20, 2014The Friends of Dungeon World!
23Jun 6, 2014Drum's Heroic Adventure!
22May 30, 2014Evil Power, Disaster Force!
21May 23, 2014Buddy Monsters Unite!
20May 16, 2014The Powerful Sun Fist!
19May 9, 2014The Card Yota Left Behind
18May 2, 2014Menacing Duel Sieger!!
17Apr 25, 2014ABC Cup Final! Exploring the Underground Maze!
16Apr 18, 2014Mystique Explosion! The Great Katana World Battle!
15Apr 11, 2014Dragons Duel! Journey of the Tiger!
14Apr 4, 2014Noble Heart! Together with the Dragon Knight!
13Mar 28, 2014Powers Unite! Dragonic Punisher!
12Mar 21, 2014Power vs Ninja Arts! A Fierce Competition!
11Mar 14, 2014The Start of the Aibo Buddy Cup!
10Mar 7, 2014The Card of Heroes!
9Feb 28, 2014The Stolen Dragon Deck!
8Feb 21, 2014Break Past the Final Qualifier!
7Feb 14, 2014Deck Building to Victory!
6Feb 7, 2014Rouga Aragami Attacks!
5Jan 30, 2014Future Force Shines!
4Jan 24, 2014The Rules of Buddyfight!
3Jan 17, 2014Dancing with a Demon!
2Jan 10, 2014Gao vs. Tasuku!
1Jan 3, 2014Gao, Roars!