Malcolm in the Middle - Episode Guide

Season 1


Episode: 1x01 | Airdate: Jan 9, 2000

Malcolm finds his life as the middle brother in an eccentric family made even more difficult by his being placed in a class for "gifted" students at school.

Red Dress

Episode: 1x02 | Airdate: Jan 16, 2000

Lois must take drastic steps to discover which of her sons ruined the special dress she bought for an anniversary dinner with Hal.

Home Alone 4

Episode: 1x03 | Airdate: Jan 23, 2000

Lois and Hal leave the boys alone for the weekend with Francis, promising that if all goes well, Francis may not have to go back to military school.


Episode: 1x04 | Airdate: Feb 6, 2000

Malcolm feels guilty after beating up a seven year old; Hal takes heat after cutting down a tree; Francis tries to sabotage Spangler's sex education lecture.

Malcolm Babysits

Episode: 1x05 | Airdate: Feb 13, 2000

While his family is reduced to living in a trailer in their driveway while their house is fumigated, Malcolm luxuriates while babysitting for what seems like the ideal family.


Episode: 1x06 | Airdate: Feb 20, 2000

During a sleepover, Malcolm sneaks Stevie out of the Kenarin house and loses his wheelchair; Francis deals with hazing at military school; and Reese tries to prove he's man enough to watch a scary movie

Francis Escapes

Episode: 1x07 | Airdate: Feb 27, 2000

Malcolm's brother, Francis, runs away from military school and comes home to see his girlfriend.

Krelboyne Picnic

Episode: 1x08 | Airdate: Mar 12, 2000

The whole family attend a Krelboyne family picnic, and Malcom dreads his performance in the event's "Academic Circus" will make him look like a freak.

Lois vs. Evil

Episode: 1x09 | Airdate: Mar 19, 2000

The family suffers in poverty after Lois gets fired from the grocery store; Francis loves his new assignment as part of an honor guard at a beauty pageant.

Stock Car Races

Episode: 1x10 | Airdate: Apr 2, 2000

While Hal secretly takes the boys to the stock car races, Lois desperately searches for her missing paycheck.


Episode: 1x11 | Airdate: Apr 9, 2000

Malcolm talks the family out of going to a relative's funeral, so he can go on his first date instead.


Episode: 1x12 | Airdate: Apr 16, 2000

Malcolm helps Reese become a male cheerleader to attract a girl; Francis has a heart-to-heart conversation with headmaster Spangler.


Episode: 1x13 | Airdate: Apr 30, 2000

Malcolm suffers under his father's roller skating tutelage, while Lois is sidelined with a nasty back injury.

The Bots and the Bees

Episode: 1x14 | Airdate: May 7, 2000

While Lois is out of town visiting Francis after his appendectomy, Malcolm and his friends build a robot, but Hal reverts to his pre-marriage wild-man persona and takes over the project.


Episode: 1x15 | Airdate: May 14, 2000

When Lois gets sick, Malcolm and his brothers convince her it's Sunday so they can stay home from school...while Hal heeds the Siren song of a Porsche dealership.

Water Park (1)

Episode: 1x16 | Airdate: May 21, 2000

Malcolm and Reese spend the day fighting at a water park; Francis gets into a different kind of pool match with Spangler; and Dewey stays home with an odd babysitter.

Season 2

Traffic Jam (2)

Episode: 2x01 | Airdate: Nov 5, 2000

Stranded in a traffic jam, Malcolm meets his match in an intriguing young girl; Reese attempts to break into an ice cream truck; and Lois tries to control the uncontrollable chaos.

Halloween Approximately

Episode: 2x02 | Airdate: Nov 8, 2000

Malcolm and his brothers build the ultimate stealth weapon, while Hal and Lois battle a speeding car that terrorizes their neighborhood.

Lois's Birthday

Episode: 2x03 | Airdate: Nov 12, 2000

When the boys demolish Lois' meager hopes for a happy birthday, she runs away from home.

Dinner Out

Episode: 2x04 | Airdate: Nov 15, 2000

Malcolm's family goes out to dinner with the straight-laced Kenarbans, while Francis makes the mistake of inviting local girls to a party at Marlin Academy.


Episode: 2x05 | Airdate: Nov 19, 2000

When the family takes a vacation to a casino, Hal gets banned from gambling and takes Malcolm and Reese on an ill-fated trek into the desert; Lois and Dewey win a free day of spa pampering.


Episode: 2x06 | Airdate: Nov 22, 2000

Malcolm and Reese compete with Dewey for a cute babysitter's attention, while Hal and Lois attend a convention where Hal can't resist fighting with an old rival.


Episode: 2x07 | Airdate: Nov 26, 2000

While Hal and the boys are besieged by bats after Hal brings home an antique armoire; Lois gets robbed at work.


Episode: 2x08 | Airdate: Nov 29, 2000

Malcolm gets into therapy to get out of class; Francis cleans up on laundry duty; Dewey turns out to be a skittles prodigy; and Hal and Lois attempt to clean out an over-stuffed closet.

High School Play

Episode: 2x09 | Airdate: Dec 10, 2000

Malcolm's friendships suffer when he becomes the suddenly popular star of a high school play; Hal and Dewey build their very own Utopia from plastic blocks.

The Bully

Episode: 2x10 | Airdate: Dec 17, 2000

When Reese gives up his position as school bully, Malcolm suffers at the hands of his successors; Francis dreads his upcoming birthday at Marlin Academy.

Old Mrs. Old

Episode: 2x11 | Airdate: Jan 7, 2001

Malcolm gets in trouble with an elderly neighbor; Francis' slacker friend enrolls at Marlin Academy; Dewey trades his backpack for a purse.

Krelboyne Girl

Episode: 2x12 | Airdate: Jan 14, 2001

Malcolm experiences his first crush as a confusing mix of love and hate; Francis tries to avoid discipline for his latest prank; Dewey overreacts to Lois' lecture about the hazards of dirty teddy bears.

New Neighbors

Episode: 2x13 | Airdate: Jan 21, 2001

New neighbors, who turn out to be even more awful than Malcolm's family, move in next door; the Marlin Academy cadets prepare for a visit from Oliver North.

Hal Quits

Episode: 2x14 | Airdate: Feb 4, 2001

Hal quits his job to become an artist; Francis suffers though a week of inventory work at Lucky Aide; and Malcolm begins to wonder about his own career future.

The Grandparents

Episode: 2x15 | Airdate: Feb 11, 2001

Lois' disapproving parents visit; Francis goes to Mardi Gras but gets stopped by food poisoning.

Traffic Ticket

Episode: 2x16 | Airdate: Feb 18, 2001

Lois disputes a cop's claim she was driving recklessly, and orders Francis to pay off $750 in parking tickets he racked up under her name.


Episode: 2x17 | Airdate: Feb 25, 2001

Malcolm is hospitalized for an appendectomy; Francis stages a hunger strike at Marlin Academy.

Reese Cooks

Episode: 2x18 | Airdate: Mar 4, 2001

Reese discovers a talent for cooking; Malcolm tries to convince a Krelboyne classmate not to have a party; Francis is forced to write a term paper.

Tutoring Reese

Episode: 2x19 | Airdate: Mar 11, 2001

Malcolm tries to help Reese bring his grades up; Francis is exiled to a friend's house after defying Lois' order to patch the roof.


Episode: 2x20 | Airdate: Apr 1, 2001

Malcolm and Reese's trip to a bowling alley is seen in two versions; one with Hal chaperoning and one with Lois doing the honors.

Malcolm vs. Reese

Episode: 2x21 | Airdate: Apr 22, 2001

Francis forces Malcolm and Reese compete to "earn a coveted ticket to a wrestling match; Dewey loses Craig's cat while Craig is away at a comic book convention.


Episode: 2x22 | Airdate: Apr 29, 2001

The younger boys try to convince Lois to let them have a mini-bike; Hal attends a father-son weekend at Marlin Academy.


Episode: 2x23 | Airdate: May 6, 2001

Malcolm, Reese, Dewey, and Stevie sneak out to a county fair, then get locked inside after hours with a drunk, belligerent guard.


Episode: 2x24 | Airdate: May 13, 2001

Hal is inadvertently responsible for a toxic chemical spill that forces a neighborhood evacuation; Malcolm deals with being grounded even in the emergency shelter; Francis suffers though a date with a geeky 12-year-old.


Episode: 2x25 | Airdate: May 20, 2001

When Lois thinks she might be pregnant again, she and Hal argue...and remember how their lives changed with the births of each of their sons.

Season 3

Houseboat (1)

Episode: 3x01 | Airdate: Nov 11, 2001

Malcolm and Stevie's families vacation together on a houseboat; Francis decides to quit school and move to Alaska.

Emancipation (2)

Episode: 3x02 | Airdate: Nov 14, 2001

Malcolm and the Krelboynes do battle with a tough new teacher; Francis tries to get Lois to talk to him after his self-emancipation.

Book Club

Episode: 3x03 | Airdate: Nov 18, 2001

Lois joins a book club; Hal worries about getting the boys to behave while Lois is out; Francis hitchhikes through Canada with a trucker who vows to test Francis' limits.

Malcolm's Girlfriend

Episode: 3x04 | Airdate: Nov 28, 2001

Malcolm gets his first official girlfriend; Dewey makes a non-imaginary friend; Francis takes refuge with a mad bomber in a remote Canadian cabin.


Episode: 3x05 | Airdate: Dec 2, 2001

Malcolm and his brothers mine personal profit from some church charity work; Francis gets a taste of life in a logging camp.

Health Scare

Episode: 3x06 | Airdate: Dec 9, 2001

Hal sweats out a biopsy on a lump found during a medical checkup; Dewey babysits the class hamster; Lavernia challenges Francis to a fight at the logging camp.


Episode: 3x07 | Airdate: Dec 16, 2001

Lois tries to get the boys to behave until Christmas by holding their presents hostage; Francis spends Christmas with his mean-spirited grandmother.


Episode: 3x08 | Airdate: Jan 6, 2002

Hal accuses Abe of cheating him at poker; Francis weathers a storm at the logging camp; Reese and Lois attend a dance class.

Reese's Job

Episode: 3x09 | Airdate: Jan 20, 2002

Reese is accused of stealing at his new job; Dewey tries to convince his parents he can keep a goldfish alive; Malcolm chafes when a super-genius joins his class.

Lois's Makeover

Episode: 3x10 | Airdate: Jan 27, 2002

Lois gets dolled up after a scathing customer review; the boys take on Hal at basketball; Francis becomes a rat catcher.

Company Picnic (1)

Episode: 3x11 | Airdate: Feb 3, 2002

As the picnic continues, Hal can't bring himself to admit his real identity to his boss, Malcolm further humiliates himself, and Reese bonds with his scavenger hunt partner.

Company Picnic (2)

Episode: 3x12 | Airdate: Feb 3, 2002

As the picnic continues, Hal can't bring himself to admit his real identity to his boss, Malcolm further humiliates himself, and Reese bonds with his scavenger hunt partner.

Reese Drives

Episode: 3x13 | Airdate: Feb 10, 2002

Reese gets into trouble during his very first driving lesson; Malcolm helps Craig install a new stereo system; Francis barters a chain of favors to pay off a debt.

Cynthia's Back

Episode: 3x14 | Airdate: Feb 17, 2002

Malcolm reveals Cynthia's big secret to Reese; Dewey helps Hal overcome his fear of kites; a neighbor makes amends to Lois; Francis becomes enchanted with a totem pole.

Hal's Birthday

Episode: 3x15 | Airdate: Mar 3, 2002

After Francis shows up with his new wife, Malcolm, Reese, and Dewey get so fed up with Lois' constant yelling, they run away from home.

Hal Coaches

Episode: 3x16 | Airdate: Mar 10, 2002

Hal begins coaching Dewey's soccer team...much to Dewey's horror; Malcolm gets unexpected results when he programs his new computer to act out the lives of his family; Reese blackmails neighbor Ed.

Dewey's Dog

Episode: 3x17 | Airdate: Apr 7, 2002

Dewey hides a dog from his parents; Hal and Lois try to keep a romantic date, even though both of them are sick; Commandant Spangler finds Francis at the logging camp.

Poker #2

Episode: 3x18 | Airdate: Apr 21, 2002

While Hal gets into a variety of one-up contests with his poker buddies, Reese sets Stevie up with the daughter of one player, while Malcolm discovers the daughter of another player has a gun in her purse.

Clip Show

Episode: 3x19 | Airdate: Apr 28, 2002

After the family car gets damaged and the boys won't own up to causing the incident, Hal takes them to see a psychiatrist.

Jury Duty

Episode: 3x20 | Airdate: May 1, 2002

While Lois is on jury duty, she pushes the other jurors to take their jobs seriously; Hal tries to solve a murder case he thinks Lois is assigned to; Malcolm, Reese, and Dewey get lost in a sewer.


Episode: 3x21 | Airdate: May 5, 2002

Malcolm and the Krelboynes are forced to join the regular student body; Hal itches to knock down Dewey's elaborate domino setup; Francis itches to know what Piama did to get Lavernia to be nice to him.


Episode: 3x22 | Airdate: May 12, 2002

Craig's new helper monkey turns vicious; Reese tries to control the neighborhood after successfully subduing a prowler; Francis' wife and best friend hate each other.

Season 4


Episode: 4x01 | Airdate: Nov 3, 2002

During a trip to the zoo, Hal gets jealous of Lois' former boyfriend; Dewey and Malcolm fall into a tiger pen, and Reese butts heads with a goat...while Francis gets stranded on a cross-country car trip and takes a new job at a dude ranch.


Episode: 4x02 | Airdate: Nov 10, 2002

Malcolm suffers extreme humiliation during his first week as a high school freshman; Dewey loves his first week as a latchkey kid; Francis discovers the trials of working for a too-permissive boss.

Family Reunion

Episode: 4x03 | Airdate: Nov 17, 2002

When Lois is repeatedly insulted at Hal's family reunion, the boys plot revenge and Hal is prompted to finally stand up to his avoidant father.

Stupid Girl

Episode: 4x04 | Airdate: Nov 24, 2002

Malcolm tries to "dumb down" to attract a cute, non-intellectual girl; Hal rents a steamroller and becomes addicted to crushing things.

Forwards Backwards

Episode: 4x05 | Airdate: Dec 1, 2002

As Malcolm and Reese fight an escalating battle of revenge, they flash back to the chain of events that led to the war; Dewey prepares for a school play; Francis and Otto fear a Devil Cow.

Forbidden Girlfriend

Episode: 4x06 | Airdate: Dec 15, 2002

Malcolm sneaks around to date a girl whose father hates him; Hal and Lois become more productive when they can't have sex for a week; Dewey discovers he's an "evil twin"; Francis mediates a dispute.

Malcolm Holds His Tongue

Episode: 4x07 | Airdate: Jan 5, 2003

Malcolm tries not speaking his mind; Hal takes up race-walking; Reese goes on a date with his girlfriend...and Craig.

Boys at the Ranch

Episode: 4x08 | Airdate: Jan 12, 2003

On a visit to Francis' dude ranch Hal can't help being disappointed in Francis' success; Reese and Malcolm fear Francis has turned into an overly responsible grownup, and Gretchen punishes Dewey for breaking a valuable doll.

Grandma Sues

Episode: 4x09 | Airdate: Feb 2, 2003

When Lois' mother visits, she trips on a leaf and decides to sue Hal and Lois..just as Lois finds out she's pregnant again.

If Boys Were Girls

Episode: 4x10 | Airdate: Feb 9, 2003

Wondering about the sex of her new baby, Lois imagines what life would be like if her boys were girls.

Long Drive

Episode: 4x11 | Airdate: Mar 2, 2003

Lois uses a long drive with Malcolm to further his sex education; Reese spends a day in prison; Dewey plants seeds of discontent in Hal's vocal group.

Kicked Out

Episode: 4x12 | Airdate: Mar 9, 2003

When Hal kicks Malcolm out of the house for misbehaving, Reese tries to take advantage of Hal's distraction to come up with a truly bad stunt of his own.

Stereo Store

Episode: 4x13 | Airdate: Mar 16, 2003

Hal takes a second job at a stereo store, but has a hard time fitting in with the younger employees; the boys chafe under the sly rule of a new babysitter.

Hal's Friend

Episode: 4x14 | Airdate: Mar 30, 2003

Hal spends a wild night with an old high school buddy; Malcolm tries to liberate Dabney from his mother's control; Francis spends the night with Otto when their wives are out of town.

Garage Sale

Episode: 4x15 | Airdate: Apr 6, 2003

Lois puts Reese in charge of the family's garage sale; Hal restarts his old pirate radio station.

Academic Octathalon

Episode: 4x16 | Airdate: Apr 13, 2003

Malcolm competes in an academic octathlon but hates the intensity of the other competitors; Hal fights to regain Dewey's love; Reese tries to get out of going to a formal dance.

Clip Show #2

Episode: 4x17 | Airdate: Apr 20, 2003

As Lois and Hal write their wills in preparation for the baby's birth, they recall various colorful incidents with their four current children.

Reese's Party

Episode: 4x18 | Airdate: Apr 27, 2003

When Hal and Lois go on a less-than-romantic getaway, Reese throws a party at home, which is crashed by delinquent friends of Fracis, who take over teh garage and hold the boys hostage.

Future Malcolm

Episode: 4x19 | Airdate: May 4, 2003

Malcolm meets a chess-playing bum who could be him in 30 years; Lois can't figure out why she's gaining weight; Dewey attributes his bizarre behavior to obeying requests from the fetus Lois is carrying.

Baby (1)

Episode: 4x20 | Airdate: May 11, 2003

Hal takes the boys to a bridal shower; Lois' mother wants to move in with the family; Malcolm gets an offer to enroll in a prestigious private school.

Baby (2)

Episode: 4x21 | Airdate: May 18, 2003

While Lois goes into hard labor at home, Hal winds up unconscious and hallucinating in an emergency room, and the boys wander into a hospital parenting class.

Day Care

Episode: 4x22 | Airdate: May 18, 2003

The family joins a church to get free day care for baby Jamie; Francis tries to help the dude ranch cash-in on a local UFO craze.

Season 5


Episode: 5x01 | Airdate: Nov 2, 2003

The family travels to Las Vegas when Hal experiences a dream about hitting the jackpot; Dewey and Reese enter an enormously obese rabbit in a contest. Lois gets to meet her favorite singer.

Watching The Baby

Episode: 5x02 | Airdate: Nov 9, 2003

When an exhausted Lois falls asleep, Hal goes out for diapers, only to be branded a shoplifter; three beautiful girls use Malcolm, Reese, and Stevie to embarrass their prom dates.

Goodbye Kitty

Episode: 5x03 | Airdate: Nov 16, 2003

Stevie goes into shock when he's told Kitty divorced Abe; Reese gets caught up in the hot-and-heavy entries in a diary, unaware it belongs to Lois.


Episode: 5x04 | Airdate: Nov 23, 2003

As Thanksgiving approaches, Malcolm has a shot at getting lucky with a sexy friend from school; Reese prepares a fabulous Thanksgiving meal; and Francis and Piama want a divorce.

Malcolm Films Reese

Episode: 5x05 | Airdate: Nov 30, 2003

Malcolm's teacher forces him to secretly record Reese as he divulges his innermost secrets; Francis strikes back after a critic writes a scathing review about the hotel.

Malcolm's Job

Episode: 5x06 | Airdate: Dec 7, 2003

Lois gets Malcolm a job at the store, exposing Lois' well-kept secret; Hal and some other fathers start betting on babies.

Christmas Trees

Episode: 5x07 | Airdate: Dec 14, 2003

As Christmas approaches...a layoff at work prompts Hal to make money selling Christmas trees.

Block Party

Episode: 5x08 | Airdate: Jan 4, 2004

Malcolm realizes the entire neighborhood has been throwing a block party when the family leaves town for an annual vacation; Hal and Lois participate in a kielbasa-eating contest.

Dirty Magazine

Episode: 5x09 | Airdate: Jan 11, 2004

When Malcolm becomes editor of the high school literary magazine, the principal instructs him to censor a well-written story; Lois encourages Hal to flirt with a new supervisor so he can keep his job.

Hot Tub

Episode: 5x10 | Airdate: Jan 25, 2004

Lois and Hal clash after Hal purchases a hot tub; Malcolm gets his driver's permit, only to get mixed up in a dispute between Polly and her ex-boyfriend; and Reese steals Dewey's friend.

Ida's Boyfriend

Episode: 5x11 | Airdate: Feb 8, 2004

Ida announces she's getting married to man who lives in Hong Kong; Malcolm gets his tongue pierced; Dewey pretends Reese doesn't exist.


Episode: 5x12 | Airdate: Feb 15, 2004

Malcolm volunteers for the company's softball team, only to realize that Lois is the coach; Francis sets out to prove he's not lazy.

Lois' Sister

Episode: 5x13 | Airdate: Feb 22, 2004

Lois' sister Susan comes for a visit and begins lavishing the kids with expensive gifts, including a classic Mustang convertible; and Francis and a scout troop get lost in a remote area of the ranch.

Malcolm Dates A Family

Episode: 5x14 | Airdate: Mar 14, 2004

Lois has a dispute with Hal and the boys' favorite restaurant; Malcolm clicks with his girlfriend's the point where he forgets about his girlfriend.

Reese's Apartment

Episode: 5x15 | Airdate: Mar 21, 2004

When Hal and Lois kick Reese out of the house, he ends up renting an apartment; and Malcolm helps a dumb jock write a personal essay so he can get into college.

Malcolm Visits College

Episode: 5x16 | Airdate: Mar 28, 2004

Lois accompanies Malcolm to his first college visit, where she clashes with a resident advisor; Reese pretends he's a drug user to woo a pretty narcotics officer.

Polly In The Middle

Episode: 5x17 | Airdate: Apr 25, 2004

Polly begins dating Abe and Craig; Malcolm refuses to believe in the power of Dewey's lucky shirt; the ranch hands make fun of Francis; and Lois takes the kids to a baseball convention.

Dewey's Special Class

Episode: 5x18 | Airdate: May 2, 2004

Malcolm tries to keep Dewey from scoring high on an IQ test so he doesn't end up with the Krelboyne's, but scheme backfires and Dewey is diagnosed as mentally disturbed.

Season 6


Episode: 6x03 | Airdate: Nov 21, 2004


Episode: 6x10 | Airdate: Feb 13, 2005


Episode: 6x20 | Airdate: May 1, 2005

Season 7


Episode: 7x04 | Airdate: Oct 28, 2005


Episode: 7x07 | Airdate: Nov 18, 2005


Episode: 7x13 | Airdate: Feb 12, 2006


Episode: 7x15 | Airdate: Mar 5, 2006


Episode: 7x21 | Airdate: Apr 23, 2006


Episode: 7x22 | Airdate: May 14, 2006