Ghost Asylum - Episode Guide

Season 1

Season 2

Sibley Mill

Episode: 2x12 | Airdate: Nov 22, 2015

The TWC are the first team to investigate an old Confederate gunpowder and fabric factory, Sibley Mill. Some say to be the most haunted location in the South.

Fort Delaware

Episode: 2x13 | Airdate: Nov 29, 2015

Stranded on a river island our team is trapped and has 48-hours to investigate terrifying Fort Delaware, a former civil war POW camp that claimed the lives of 1 in 4 prisoners. The boys try to solve the ghostly feud of two civil war generals.

Season 3

U.S.S. Edson

Episode: 3x01 | Airdate: Apr 3, 2016

The USS Edson in Bay City, MI is a destroyer battle ship that was stationed off the coast of Vietnam during the Vietnam War. Following the 9/11 attacks the ship was used as a command center before being retired in 2004. Although the Edson did not lose many of her crew during wartime, there are at least two known deaths onboard the ship. One spirit said to be lurking aboard the ship is that of a former caretaker who had a heart attack on the ship in 1999. In addition to housing several spirits it is said that the ship has also had contact wth a UFO.

Peoria State Hospital

Episode: 3x03 | Airdate: Apr 17, 2016

The TWC are the last people to explore the horrific Peoria State Hospital, where more than 10,000 people died. With mere days left until this house of horrors is demolished, the team must work fast to reach the spirits that still call it home.

Missouri State Penitentiary

Episode: 3x04 | Airdate: Apr 24, 2016

The TWC visits one of the oldest and most haunted prisons in the Midwest, Missouri State Penitentiary. They seek to banish the spirits of two sinister child killers that still infest its ghostly cellblocks.

Castillo De San Marcos

Episode: 3x05 | Airdate: May 1, 2016

The TWC are in Florida at one of the most haunted forts in the country: Castillo de San Marcos, where they attempt to make contact with the disembodied head of a Seminole Indian Chief and a pair of doomed lovers caught in a vicious love triangle.

Pauly Jail

Episode: 3x06 | Airdate: May 8, 2016

The TWC investigates infamous Pauly Jail. Built in the 1800s, it has a history of racial prejudice, and unauthorized executions. The guys come to make contact with the victim of a brutal lynching, and a prisoner who was burned alive.

Preston Castle

Episode: 3x07 | Airdate: May 15, 2016

The TWC journey to Preston Castle, California's first boy's reformatory school, to find answers to two of its most mysterious deaths --the brutal murder of a beloved housekeeper and the tragic beating death of a teacher.

Old Crow Distillery

Episode: 3x09 | Airdate: May 29, 2016

The TWC is called in to investigate famous, forgotten, and haunted Old Crow Distillery. Reports of paranormal activity on the grounds have called for drastic measures and they find themselves hunting the ghosts of a past distiller and worker.

Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary

Episode: 3x10 | Airdate: Jun 5, 2016

Back in Tennessee the boys investigate a legendarily brutal prison every southerner feared, Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary. As a huge electrical storm bears down on them, the team is taunted and attacked, while battling ghosts.