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The Lawyer Lies / Black Gold Bust

Episode: 9x13 | Airdate: Oct 16, 2015

An Indianapolis attorney helps desperate families recover money after serious injuries cost them dearly, but pockets the winnings of widows and orphans.

Friends Without Benefits

Episode: 9x14 | Airdate: Oct 23, 2015

Mutual Benefits buys life insurance policies from AIDS patients, the chronically ill and seniors and fraudulently resells them as low risk investments to clients.

Fake It to Make It / Kill the Witnesses

Episode: 9x17 | Airdate: Dec 18, 2015

A promoter steals musical artists' money and dreams; an ex-IRS agent is caught in a $13 million accounting fraud and uses taxpayer money plotting to murder those who know too much.

Season 10

Ray Nagin: New Orleans Shakedown

Episode: 10x01 | Airdate: Mar 31, 2016

The former New Orleans Mayor exploits the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina by accepting bribes and corrupting the rebuilding process.

The Surfer Slayer?

Episode: 10x02 | Airdate: Apr 7, 2016

A man, appearing to be nothing more than a wealthy surfer, allegedly commits murder and robs an armored car, leading the FBI on a chase spanning multiple states.

A Mother's Costly Revenge

Episode: 10x03 | Airdate: Apr 14, 2016

A financial fraudster seeks deadly revenge after being placed behind bars for propositioning his assistant's daughter.

Vanity and Greed: Deadly Beauty

Episode: 10x04 | Airdate: Apr 28, 2016

Authorities charge a nurse with murder after an illegal silicone injection leads to death and knock-off cosmetic injections paralyze four others.

Psychic Fiend's Network

Episode: 10x05 | Airdate: May 12, 2016

A phony psychic scams a wealthy but lonely timber baron out of millions while her devious daughter pretends to be in love with him.

The Bar Girls Trap

Episode: 10x06 | Airdate: May 19, 2016

Russian gangsters use beautiful women to seduce amorous men in nightclubs out of their money and jewelry.

Six Feet Plunder

Episode: 10x09 | Airdate: Jun 23, 2016

Doug Cassity sells fake prearranged funeral contracts, amounting to $500 million, with the help of sexy saleswomen.

Jersey Car Stealer Dealer / Facebook Face-Off

Episode: 10x10 | Airdate: Jun 30, 2016

A luxury car salesman is wanted for defrauding customers and banks; a man faces mail and wire fraud charges related to claims that he owned a percentage of Facebook.

Pain Killer Profits

Episode: 10x11 | Airdate: Jul 7, 2016

A painkiller business in Florida turns twin brothers into millionaires.

Jamaican Lottery Scam

Episode: 10x12 | Airdate: Jul 14, 2016

U.S. law enforcement teams up with Jamaican authorities to stop criminals using call centers in Jamaica to flood the U.S. with lies about lottery millions won by unsuspecting victims.

The Bad Neighbors

Episode: 10x13 | Airdate: Aug 4, 2016

A neighborhood ice cream parlor in West Roxbury, Mass., lands the Palladino family in a major case of fraud.

The Phantom Fraudster of Broadway

Episode: 10x14 | Airdate: Aug 11, 2016

The Broadway premiere of ``Rebecca'' implodes thanks to New York stockbroker Mark Holton, who allegedly swindles millions of dollars from investors.

Medical Gloves with Holes

Episode: 10x15 | Airdate: Aug 18, 2016

A fraudster in California promises to build a medical glove factory in the U.S. and steals millions of dollars from investors.

Hack Me If You Can / Goodfella Gone Bad

Episode: 10x16 | Airdate: Aug 25, 2016

A 28-year-old hacker named Daniel Rigmaiden allegedly steals millions of dollars from the U.S. government; a wise-guy wannabe in witness protection creates a mortgage fraud scam.

Silk Road: Digital Drug Dealers

Episode: 10x20 | Airdate: Sep 29, 2016

Federal agents seek to unmask the anonymous mastermind of the world's largest online and underground drug bazaar, despite potential corruption in their own ranks.


Hack Me if You Can / Goodfella Gone Bad

Episode: S11 Special | Airdate: Apr 10, 2017

A 28-year-old hacker named Daniel Rigmaiden allegedly steals millions of dollars from the U.S. government; a wise-guy wannabe in witness protection creates a mortgage fraud scam.

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