How It's Made - Episode List

Season 30

13Nov 19, 2017Wall beds; Sundae cups; Digital paintings; Badminton rackets
12Nov 12, 2017Aerospace fasteners; Cactus pear puree; Lab reactors
11Nov 12, 2017Rubber balls; Motion chairs; Montreal smoked meat; Motorized scooters
10Nov 5, 2017Throttle bodies; Limestone fireplace mantels; Candied fruit; Linen ukuleles
9Nov 5, 2017Fish rubbings; Clay shooting machines; Almonds; High-end motorcycles
8Oct 29, 2017Glass sculptures; Racing pulley systems; Inductors; Medicine balls
7Oct 29, 2017Spiral stairs; Pita bread; Exhaust headers; Molded limestone artwork
6Oct 22, 2017Recycled skateboard guitars; Solar street lights; Dolls
5Oct 22, 2017Leather Sculptures; Travel Hot Plates; Ochre; Hurdy Gurdies
4Oct 15, 2017Witness Samples ; Pressure Washers; Beehives; Cast Iron Cookers
3Oct 15, 2017Lab Extractors; Custom-made Chandeliers; Power Trainers; Coffee Pods
2Oct 8, 2017Power Steering Pumps; Asian Bowl Meals; Walking Canes
1Oct 8, 2017Leather Basketballs; Flood Gates; Wood Panel Canvases; Shoelaces

Season 29 American Made

13Sep 14, 2017Pentanque ball; biologic medicines; asphalt pavers; basques espadrilles.
12Sep 7, 2017Technological corks; zinc gutters; traditional ham; chisteras.
11Apr 24, 2017Steel Bistro Furniture; Letterpress Printing; Bamboo Ceramic
10Apr 17, 2017Berets; Pastis; Stationary Bikes
9Apr 10, 2017Foosball Tables; Marseille Soap; Laguiole Pocket Knives
8Apr 3, 2017Flying Water Bikes; Paint; Cinnamon Cordial
7Mar 27, 2017Artist Brushes; DEF Tank Heaters; Game Tables
6Mar 20, 2017Fireplace bellows; Calissons; Recreational Watercraft
5Mar 13, 2017Office Chairs; Vinobrew; Reconditioned Sander Drums
4Mar 6, 2017Thermoplastic Fire Helmets; Basketry Sculptures; Coffee Roasters
3Feb 27, 2017Wood Watches; Steel Bicycles; Raw Pet Food
2Feb 20, 2017Nuno Felt; Drum Crushers; Kimchi; Parquet Floors
1Feb 13, 2017Skateboard Wheels; Baklava & Galaktoboureko; CO2 Scrubbers

Season 28

13Nov 24, 2016Wooden Utensils; Transport Refrigeration Units; Moccasins; Electronic Impact Drills
12Nov 28, 2016Thai Barbecues; Diving Masks & Fins; Bassoons
11Nov 10, 2016Abalone Collagen; Digital-to-Analog Converters; Embosssed Wood Moldings; Plier Staplers
10Nov 3, 2016Hollow Disk Pumps; Palm Sugar; Yachts
9Oct 27, 2016Endoscopes; Megaphones; Uranium
8Oct 20, 2016Macarons; Pine Needle Baskets; Micrometers
7Oct 13, 2016Nail Files; Birch Canoes; Boat Hardtops; High Voltage Circuit Breakers
6Oct 7, 2016Potash; Leather Bracelets; Wild Rice; Hex Key L Wrenches
5Sep 19, 2016Ultra-Thin Glass; Pallet Dismantlers; Cupcakes; Stainless Steel Tubes
4Sep 12, 2016Cartridge Blades; Chocolate Banana Loaves; Vending Machines; Dive Computers
3Sep 5, 2016Angle Grinders; Berry Baskets; Omnidirectional Speakers
2Aug 29, 2016Pasta dies; blueberries; composting toilets; surge arresters.
1Aug 22, 2016Classic Car Gauges; Chocolate Marble Cake; Ghillie Kettles; Rubber Gloves

Season 27

13Aug 15, 2016Coconut Charcoal; Dial Indicators; Wet Downdraft Tables; Bassoon Reeds
12Aug 8, 2016Race Car Oil Tanks; Plaster Mouldings; Lemongrass Oil; Fly Tying Vises
11Jul 25, 2016Mortars and Pestles; Bowling Lane Conditioners; Crematories; Wood Playsets
10Jul 18, 2016Chinese-style Furniture, Electrical Switches, Thai Fish Sauce, Cappers
9Jul 11, 2016Combination Squares, Farmed Shrimp, Ball Valves and String Trimmers
8Jul 4, 2016Wood Toys, Retro Toasters, Laboratory Furnaces, Aerogel
7Jun 27, 2016Mosquito Coils, Solar-Assist Tricycles, Palm Oil, Fiberglass Chopper Guns
6Jun 20, 2016Wooden Matches; Tillage Machines; Telescopic Gangways; and Mabe Pearls
5Jun 13, 2016Commercial Drones; Aquarium Fish; Runway Cleaners; and Shuttlecocks
4Jun 6, 2016LED tubes; chocolate peanut butter bars; robotic medication dispensers.
3May 31, 2016Graphene; Worlds Smallest Car; Force Testers; Composite Cans
2May 26, 2016Chemical Tank Pressure Vents; Candy Wafers; Food Trucks; Traditional Ropes
1May 19, 2016CNC Assembly Machines; Lemon Tarts; Miniature War Figures

Season 26

13Dec 17, 2015Channel Signs, Wetsuits, and Aluminum Aircraft
12Dec 10, 2015Exercise Bikes; Cornish Pasties; Pasta Makers; Slate Products
11Dec 3, 2015Vibrating Mining Screens; Whoopie Pies; Utility Poles; Roller Conveyors
10Nov 12, 2015Ceramic Grills; Pneumatic Punchers; Water Fountains; Wooden Surfboards
9Nov 5, 2015Industrial Casters; Wedding Cakes; THz Spectrometers; Racing Catamarans
8Oct 29, 2015Stile & Rail Doors, Steam Cleaners, Hand-Held Pizzas, and Power Brushes
7Oct 22, 2015Champagne Hoods; Pneumatic Systems; Espresso Machines; Pizza Ovens
6Oct 15, 2015Sharpening Steels, Bladder Pumps, Ironing Boards, and Kayak Paddles
5Oct 8, 2015Champagne, ATMs, Marine Turbochargers
4Oct 1, 2015Statue Restoration, Tripods, Polish Sausages, Welding Guns
3Sep 24, 2015Mouth-Blown Window Glass, Water Pumps, Sake, Tweezers
2Sep 17, 2015Bead Wire, Mini Pepperoni, Irrigation Sprinklers, and Leather Gloves
1Sep 10, 2015Time-Delay Locks, Brownies, Pallet Dispensers, and Crystal Chandeliers

Season 25

13Jul 2, 2015Traffic Signal Poles, Coffee Filters, and Chainsaw Mining Machines
12Jun 18, 2015Gingerbread Houses, Livestock Trailers, Hangar Doors, and Toy Figurines
11Jun 11, 2015Downhill Ski Bindings; Immersion Washers; Mining Ventilation; Pencil Sharpeners
10Jun 4, 2015Mountain Bike Suspensions, Surgical Sutures, Grain Dryers, and Frying Pans
9May 28, 2015Armored Vehicles, Tension Fabric Buildings, Rowers, Sculpture Enlargements
8May 21, 2015Zip Line Brakes; Silk Fiber Lamps; Round Balers; Comfort Shoes
7May 14, 2015Handcrafted Skis; Septic Tanks; Hydroformed Chassis Parts; Aquarium Windows
6May 7, 2015Car Headlamps, Directional Drills, Pet Combs, and Stained Glass Restoration
5Apr 30, 2015Precast Concrete Walls; 3D Printers; Telescopic Cranes; Kerosene Lamp Burners
4Apr 23, 2015Storage Sheds, Industrial Fans, Parchment Paper, and Climbing Walls
3Apr 16, 2015Fishing Line, Industrial Mixers, Natural Baking Soda, and Tow Trucks
2Apr 9, 2015Led Stage Lights; Apple Cider; Chemical Tank Trailers; Ornate Stone Floor
1Apr 2, 2015Grammy Awards; Bicycle Lights; Above-Ground Pools; Foldable Solar Panels

Season 24

13Jan 15, 2015Wood Garage Doors; Sand and Salt Spreaders; Animatronic Dinosaurs
12Jan 8, 2015Old West Holsters; Underwater Video Housings; Soy Beverages; Pet Nail Trimmers
11Jan 1, 20153-Wheel Electric Bikes; Skin Cream; Patio Heaters; Wood Wheels
10Dec 11, 2014Plasma Gems; Special Effects Snow; Piano Restoration
9Dec 4, 2014Recycled Skateboards; Braided Pastry; Construction Trailers; Vises
8Nov 27, 2014Gas Barbecues; Mattress Pads; Ear Prostheses
7Nov 20, 2014Wood Windows; Cashmere Fabric; Plastic Recycling; Architectural Glass
6Nov 13, 2014Scuba Lights; Sandals; Race Car Simulators; Fibreglass Doors
5Nov 6, 2014Automatic Sliding Doors; Gin; Firearms Restoration
4Oct 16, 2014Skeletal Replicas; Ice Buckets; Dining Chairs; Inground Pools
3Oct 9, 2014Upright Pianos; Flags; Wet/Dry Vacuums; Medieval Axes
2Oct 2, 2014Oil Lamps; Chocolate Mints; Underfloor Heating; Pillows
1Sep 25, 2014Saunas; Wheelchair Lifts; Dioramas

Season 23

13Jul 3, 2014Mountain Bikes; Rice; Lever Action Rifles
12Jun 26, 2014Racing Leathers; Evaporative Cooling Towers; Rocking Chairs; Wire Wheels
11Jun 19, 2014Slate Tiles; Hot Dog Carts; Garage Door Openers; Bicycle Seats
10Jun 12, 2014Electric Vehicle Charging Stations; Grappa; Lunar Rover Replicas
9Jun 5, 2014NASCAR Car Bodies; Hurley Sticks; Tube Amplifiers; Thermal Coffee Pots
8May 29, 2014Mobile Concert Stages, Mascara, Continuous Miners, Wood Gift Boxes
7May 22, 2014Oil Pressure Sensors; Large Format Printing; Heavy Equipment Simulators; Head & Neck Restraints
6May 15, 2014Ceramic Fireplaces; Synthetic Corks; Parking Garage Floor Slabs
5May 1, 2014Hospital Laundry; Brass Instrument Restoration; Horse Replicas; Excavation Buckets
4Apr 24, 2014Railway Bridge Ties; Membrane Filters; Hydraulic Post Drivers; Bi-Planes
3Apr 17, 2014Noise Barrier Walls; Front-Load Washers; Bourbon; Flexible Circuit
2Apr 10, 2014Rawhide Lampshades; Chocolate Chip Cookies; MRI Scanners
1Apr 3, 2014Motion Sensors; Belt Loaders; Pheasant Breeding; Diving Helmets

Season 22

13Jan 16, 2014Dragster Tires; Icing; Floating Docks; Spiral Pipes
12Jan 2, 2014Solid State Drives / Eye Shadow / Limousines / Dead Blow Hammers
11Dec 26, 2013Custom Knee Braces / Air Conditioners / Window Films / Motorcycle Exhaust
10Dec 19, 2013Sidecars / Frozen French Toast / Refrigerator Compressors / Superchargers
9Dec 12, 2013Body Casting; Downdraft Stoves; Compression Garments; Electric Motorcycles
8Dec 5, 2013Pressed Glass / Pickup Truck Caps / Alpaca Yarn / Utility Knives
7Nov 21, 2013Sanders / Solid Terrain Models / Stucco / High-Speed Roll-up Doors
6Nov 14, 2013Sawhorses and Toolboxes / Sorbet Pops / School Buses
5Nov 7, 2013Carbon Fiber; Antique Frame Restoration; Railcar Movers; Hood Ornaments
4Oct 31, 2013Blast Doors; Lipstick; Artificial Palm Trees; Brass Plaques
3Oct 24, 2013Indy Steering Wheels / Mixed Salad / Wind Turbines
2Oct 17, 2013Rock Crushers / Fabric Lampshades / Cake Sprinkles / Steam Irons
1Oct 10, 2013Electric Stand-Up Vehicles; Frozen Fruit; Beer Coasters; Forged Door Handles

Season 21

13Aug 1, 2013Car Tires; Silk; Art Conservation; Scuba Tanks
12Jul 25, 2013Barber Chairs; Sewage Pumps; Bimini Boat Tops; Diesel Filters
11Jul 18, 2013Cast Iron Stoves; Ultralight Aircraft; Snow Groomers; Rubber Bands
10Jul 9, 2013Knee Replacements; Leaf Springs; Lavender; Rivets and Rivet Tools
9Jun 20, 2013Indy Car Seats, Paper Flowers, Stand-by Generators
8May 23, 2013Aluminum Canoes/Wood Bowls/Wheelchair Accessible Vans/Marimbas
7May 16, 2013Paper Umbrellas, Coal, Aircraft Seats, Urns
6May 9, 2013Gel Caps, Playground Spring Riders, Frozen Pancakes, Natural Rubber
5May 2, 2013Tea, Roof Finials, Artificial Flowers, Alloy Wheels
4Apr 25, 2013External Hard Drives, Frozen Shrimp, Thai Rice Boxes, Paper Towel
3Apr 18, 2013Lace, Antique Frame Replicas, Orchids, Unicycle Wheel Hubs
2Apr 11, 2013Powder Horns; Handcrafted Molds; Perogies; Inner Tubes
1Apr 4, 2013Rubber Gloves, Soap Carvings, Aircraft Cabinets, Motorcycle Brake Locks

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