Hollywood Heights - Episode List

Season 2012

80Oct 5, 2012The Final Concert
79Oct 4, 2012An Unexpected Guest
78Oct 3, 2012Fresno
77Oct 2, 2012Jetsetter
76Oct 1, 2012Loren Confronts Chloe
75Sep 28, 2012Loren Learns the Truth
74Sep 27, 2012Escape
73Sep 26, 2012A Message for Loren
72Sep 25, 2012Loren and Kelly Clash
71Sep 24, 2012Max and Nora Go to Ojai
70Sep 21, 2012A Strange Call
69Sep 20, 2012Waking Up
68Sep 19, 2012Seeing a Ghost
67Sep 18, 2012Max Looks for Answers
66Sep 17, 2012Bad News Travels Fast
65Sep 14, 2012Missing
64Sep 13, 2012Eddie Demands Answers
63Sep 12, 2012The Text Spoof
62Sep 11, 2012Loren Talks Business
61Sep 10, 2012The Mystery Texter
60Sep 7, 2012Loren Has Doubts
59Sep 6, 2012Tyler Blackmails Chloe
58Sep 5, 2012Mixed Reactions
57Sep 4, 2012If There Was No Music
56Sep 3, 2012Tyler Collects Evidence
55Aug 31, 2012Eddie's New Sound
54Aug 30, 2012Loren's Debut
53Aug 29, 2012Loren's New Look
52Aug 28, 2012Eddie Helps Chloe
51Aug 27, 2012Eddie's Inspired
50Aug 24, 201250th Episode: Nora Visits Max
49Aug 23, 2012The Beach Bungalow
48Aug 22, 2012Eddie Takes Off
47Aug 21, 2012Loren Deals with the Ex
46Aug 20, 2012Jake's Concern
45Aug 17, 2012Chloe and Oz
44Aug 16, 2012Eddie Feels at Home
43Aug 15, 2012Loren's Recording Session
42Aug 14, 2012Eddie Explains Himself
41Aug 13, 2012Eddie Inspires Loren
40Aug 10, 2012Their Special Place
39Aug 9, 2012The Double Date
38Aug 8, 2012Eddie's Birthday
37Aug 7, 2012Eddie's New Song
36Aug 6, 2012The Paparazzi Photo
35Aug 3, 2012The House Party
34Aug 2, 2012The Collaboration
33Aug 1, 2012Chloe Tries to Reconcile
32Jul 31, 2012The Video Shoot
31Jul 30, 2012Eddie Learns the Truth
30Jul 27, 2012Another Incriminating Photo
29Jul 26, 2012Chloe Turns Diva
28Jul 25, 2012Melissa's Birthday
27Jul 24, 2012Eddie and Chloe Meet Oz
26Jul 23, 2012Loren's Dilemma
25Jul 20, 2012Lisa Reveals a Secret
24Jul 19, 2012Max Confronts Chloe
23Jul 18, 2012Chloe's Jealousy
22Jul 17, 2012The Music Video Rehearsal
21Jul 16, 2012A Winner Is Chosen
20Jul 13, 2012The Songwriting Contest
19Jul 12, 2012Loren Gets Lost
18Jul 11, 2012The Announcement
17Jul 10, 2012Dinner at the Tate's
16Jul 9, 2012Loren's Stage Fright
15Jul 6, 2012Loren's Song
14Jul 5, 2012Chloe Finally Gets What She Wants
13Jul 4, 2012Loren's Proven Innocent
12Jul 3, 2012The Incriminating Photo
11Jul 2, 2012Loren Gets Framed
10Jun 29, 2012Eddie Questions His Feelings
9Jun 28, 2012Loren Doesn't Make the Cut
8Jun 27, 2012Max Questions Chloe
7Jun 26, 2012Loren Has to Make a Decision
6Jun 25, 2012Loren Makes the Top 25
5Jun 22, 2012Eddie Decides to Take the Next Step
4Jun 21, 2012Chloe's Secret
3Jun 20, 2012Eddie's Songwriting Contest
2Jun 19, 2012Loren Catches Eddie's Attention
1Jun 11, 2012Meeting a Rockstar