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Season 3

The Girl Who is Codependent

Episode: 3x02 | Airdate: Sep 29, 2004

Supermodel Tyra Banks takes the 14 new ladies to a rooftop in New York City to spring the good news that they will immediately be heading to Jamaica for a sexy swimsuit shoot; but when the girls arrive at this tropical paradise, they are shocked to learn that one will be eliminated before the trip's end.

The Girl Everyone Thinks is a Backstabber

Episode: 3x03 | Airdate: Oct 6, 2004

Tyra and Jay Manuel give the aspiring models dramatic makeovers at an upscale New York City salon, and after confiding to one of her housemates that she has an eating disorder, one of the girls gets a harsh lesson in trust and competition when she discovers that her secret has spread through the house.

The Girl Who Sets a Trap

Episode: 3x04 | Airdate: Oct 13, 2004

When the girls are challenged to star in a glamorous runway fashion show for famous designers Heatherette, one model has trouble staying in her outfit, another has trouble staying on the runway and one model's success on the catwalk stirs up jealously from the others that builds and explodes into confrontation. Later, believing one of her housemates is stealing, a crafty competitor sets a trap in hopes of catching the alleged thief red-handed.

The Girl Who Cries When She Looks in the Mirror

Episode: 3x05 | Airdate: Oct 20, 2004

The ladies learn the nuances of sexy posing from none other than sassy supermodel Janice Dickinson and later are challenged to pose while wearing revealing lingerie in a New York City storefront window as passersby look on; meanwhile, after a few rounds of heated competition, one model's confidence is so shaken that she can't look herself in the mirror without bursting into tears.

The Girl Who Forgot Her Shoes

Episode: 3x07 | Airdate: Nov 3, 2004

One of the models seems to be loosening up around the others, so much so that she shares a playful kiss with another. Meanwhile, Tyra Banks sends the ladies to be evaluated by some of New York's top fashion designers, including Nicole Miller, Cynthia Rowley, Diane von Furstenberg, Nanette Lepore, and Marc Bouwer, but the appointments turn into a disaster for some after they get lost trying to help one model buy shoes.

The Girl Who is Panic-Stricken

Episode: 3x08 | Airdate: Nov 10, 2004

After meeting with style and publicity experts who discuss image and personal style, the models face a red carpet photo challenge where one competitor seems to have undergone a sharp personality change for the worse, another suffers from the diva syndrome and a third offends another when she openly discusses her distaste towards her to an US Weekly reporter. Later, the ladies must pose covered in diamonds and a live tarantula, which sends one of them into hysterics.

The Girls Meet Taye Diggs

Episode: 3x09 | Airdate: Nov 17, 2004

Later, the girls acting skills are put to the test once again when they must shoot a Campbell's Soup TV commercial in the local language with a director who doesn't speak any English. When one model has a tough time with her performance during the shoot, she stirs controversy by saying she hopes another model 'bites it.' One of the remaining 6 models is eliminated.

The Girl Who Didn't Hug Goodbye

Episode: 3x12 | Airdate: Dec 8, 2004

The girls are separately left to their own devices to navigate the streets of Tokyo in a mad dash to find an outfit that represents Tokyo street style to present to a Japanese fashion designer. As time ticks away, one competitor gets lost as she searches for her final destination.

The Girl Who Wins It All

Episode: 3x13 | Airdate: Dec 15, 2004

The mounting pressure begins to take its toll on the three remaining girls as one expresses her blatant dislike for another competitor, and the final challenges determine who will be named America's Next Top Model.

What the Divas Are Doing Now

Episode: 3x14 | Airdate: Mar 1, 2005

A revealing look at how the lives and careers of the girls from AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL cycle 3 were transformed after appearing on the hit dramality show, including never-before-seen footage of winner Eva's life as a top model. In New York, Amanda faces a deeply personal and emotional decision to continue her career and Yaya hits the ground running bursting into the fashion industry.

Season 4

The Girl Who is a Lady Kat... Reow!

Episode: 4x01 | Airdate: Mar 2, 2005

Supermodel Tyra Banks welcomes a new group of top model wannabes to Los Angeles, where some girls from the past are given a second chance, another finds herself stripping after a game of truth or dare and all of the girls showcase their best runway strut for Tyra, Jay Manuel and J. Alexander.

The Girls Who Hate Their Makeovers

Episode: 4x02 | Airdate: Mar 9, 2005

The finalists are surprised to learn they will be residing in Tyra Banks' hometown of Los Angeles and are immediately thrown into their first photo shoot modeling as aliens. After receiving dramatic makeovers in a Los Angeles salon, the participants pose topless at a second photo shoot, where the constant complaints of two girls about their new looks leaves Tyra fuming mad.

The Girl Who Suddenly Collapsed

Episode: 4x03 | Airdate: Mar 16, 2005

One of the models is rushed to the emergency after passing out at a critical point, leaving her ability to continue the competition in question.

The Girl with the Worst Photo in History

Episode: 4x04 | Airdate: Mar 23, 2005

When the participants are hoisted in the air to pose as astrological signs for a dramatic photo shoot, the judges tell one model she has the worst photo in America's Next Top Model history.

The Girl Who is Contagious

Episode: 4x05 | Airdate: Mar 30, 2005

When one of the participants contracts a horrifying, contagious skin condition that disfigures her face, the other models are sent into a complete panic and fear for their own safety.

The Girl with the Deliciously Tacky Dance

Episode: 4x06 | Airdate: Apr 6, 2005

The models get a crash course in the business side of modeling by learning about contracts and are secretly evaluated by judges on their ability to handle themselves around industry insiders at a party for CoverGirl.

The Girl Who Pushes Tyra Over the Edge

Episode: 4x07 | Airdate: Apr 13, 2005

Tyra is pushed beyond her limit and yells at a model for her negative attitude and the participants' acting skills are put to the test when they must perform a scene opposite actor Boris Kodjoe.

The Girl Who Gets Bad News

Episode: 4x08 | Airdate: Apr 20, 2005

The participants are schooled on the nuances of television interviews by "Entertainment Tonight" correspondent Jann Carl and one of the models struggles to cope with the competition when she receives shocking news from home.

The Girls the Lionesses Are Hunting

Episode: 4x09 | Airdate: Apr 27, 2005

While the girls visit a Los Angeles Animal park to study the movement of wild animals to incorporate into their modeling poses, Tyra surprises them with the news that they will be going on a safari in South Africa.

The Girl Who Flops in the Mud

Episode: 4x10 | Airdate: May 4, 2005

The participants trek across land and water to get to a scenic location for a photo shoot, and when they are instructed to create their own wardrobe using nature's elements surrounding them, one model dives into the mud.

The Girl Who is Special

Episode: 4x11 | Airdate: May 11, 2005

The winner of a unique dance challenge earns a reward in which her strategic decision of how to share the reward causes hard feelings and one model's belief that she is special irritates the others and leads to arguments that fray friendships.

What the Girls Did That You've Never Seen Before

Episode: 4x12 | Airdate: May 17, 2005

Never before-seen footage from the first eleven weeks of UPN's hit dramality series, including Kahlen playing a prank on Christina, Tiffany trying sushi for the first time and judge Janice Dickinson intimidating the models at a photo shoot.

The Girl Who Walks on Water

Episode: 4x13 | Airdate: May 18, 2005

In Cape Town, South Africa, the three remaining models are challenged to perform in a CoverGirl Outlast make-up commercial, and after the challenge one girl is eliminated, leaving only two to fight for the number-one spot, on the fourth-cycle finale of AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL, .

Season 5

The Girl with the Twisted Catchphrase

Episode: 5x01 | Airdate: Sep 21, 2005

During semi-final casting, the girls must meet with Tyra one on one to show their personality and walk in an impromptu fashion show to impress J. Alexander and Jay Manuel to make the cut.

The Girl Who Needs a Miracle

Episode: 5x03 | Airdate: Sep 28, 2005

At a Beverly Hills salon, Tyra, Jay Manuel and celebrity hairstylist Louis Licari surprise the models with their plans for their makeovers, and the girls are sent on a shopping challenge by personal stylist James St. James along the famous Rodeo Drive to show their personal style.

The GIrl Who Makes a Disclaimer

Episode: 5x04 | Airdate: Oct 5, 2005

Later, at a photo shoot with photographer Mike Rosenthal, the models must pose while running and reacting to special effects that are not actually there. At the judging panel, the models are given a challenge to show off their "signature walk" inspired by a model from a previous cycle. However, the judges are taken aback when one model stops in the middle of her challenge to make a speech.

The Girl Who Gets a Boob Job

Episode: 5x05 | Airdate: Oct 12, 2005

When the models must point out each others worst physical features, one girl's harsh comments stirs tension, and Twiggy and Jay Manuel teach the competitors how to turn their negative flaws into positives.

The Girl Who Loves Bubbles and Talks to Plants

Episode: 5x06 | Airdate: Oct 19, 2005

Supermodel Iman surprises the girls when she stops by the house to share her beauty secrets, and TV personality/comedian Chris Spencer challenges the models skills on to be an effective spokesperson for a skin care product.

The Girls Are 1940's Pin-ups

Episode: 5x07 | Airdate: Oct 26, 2005

Tyra directs a surprise, no-frills photo shoot with the models, and during the weekly challenge after enduring grueling work out, the models must immediately outshine each other at a meeting with the top editors from ELLEgirl magazine.

The Girl Who Wants to Step on the Pretty Flower

Episode: 5x08 | Airdate: Nov 2, 2005

Never-before-seen footage from the first eight weeks of UPN's dramality series, which includes an inside look at some surprising and hilarious moments, such as the girls going wild when a bird gets loose in the house.

The Girl Whose Boyfriend is Cheating on Her

Episode: 5x09 | Airdate: Nov 9, 2005

he models visit Top Model Cycle 3 winner, Eva Pigford, on the set of an ELLEgirl magazine photo shoot where the beautiful models are made up for a challenge to look angry while posing in wild scenarios with the stars of MTV's series "Wild Boyz," and one model attempts to steal attention with her crazy antics.

The Girl Who Talks Behind Everyone's Back

Episode: 5x10 | Airdate: Nov 16, 2005

Emotions explode when one model is confronted about constantly talking behind her competitors' backs, and "Entertainment Tonight" correspondent Kevin Frazier teaches the girls about the importance of never letting their guard down in public, as he reveals candid photos that they didn't know were being taken of them.

The Girl Who Retaliates

Episode: 5x11 | Airdate: Nov 23, 2005

Challenged by J. Alexander to pose like statues in a park, the models find the task to be a little too realistic as they're swarmed by pigeons, and after one competitor suspects another of stealing, she retaliates leading to a series of escalating confrontations.

The Girl Who Takes a Pill

Episode: 5x12 | Airdate: Nov 30, 2005

After Barney's New York Creative Director Simon Doonan and Twiggy teach the girls about the different British fashion trends, the competitors are sent to impress top London designers by dressing in each trend and whoever performs the best earns a special advantage over her competition.

The Girl Who is on the Cover

Episode: 5x13 | Airdate: Dec 7, 2005

With only three models remaining, the girls are first challenged to shoot a CoverGirl commercial and a national print ad, and after one competitor is eliminated, legendary photographer Gilles Bensimon shoots each of the final two girls with Tyra Banks for the February 2006 cover of ELLEgirl magazine.

The Cycle 5 Reunion

Episode: 5x14 | Airdate: Dec 14, 2005

The girls hold nothing back as they discuss a range of topics, including Ashley's recent engagement and how her life has been affected after Hurricane Wilma ripped through her home in Florida; how Cassandra has dealt with her short hair; and the winner's future plans as she embarks on a new career as AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL. In addition to candid interviews with the girls, other surprises include never-before-seen footage from the most recent cycle and highlights from the glamorous finale party.

Season 6

The Girl Who Learns How to Dance

Episode: 6x01 | Airdate: Mar 8, 2006

After 32 aspiring models arrive in Pasadena, Calif., to face host Tyra Banks, art director of photo shoots Jay Manuel and runway expert J. Alexander, the field quickly narrows to 13 finalists, however, the finalists are given little time to settle into their posh new mansion in Los Angeles before Jay Manuel reveals in a jaw-dropping announcement that they will be bald for their first photo shoot.

The Girl Who is a True Miss Diva

Episode: 6x03 | Airdate: Mar 15, 2006

At a Beverly Hills salon, Tyra, Jay Manuel, J. Alexander and salon owners Joel Warren and Edward Tricomi transform the models with unbelievable makeovers; and the participants are challenged to show off their personal style by celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe and Cycle 4 Winner Naima Mora, who give the girls the opportunity to win a $5,000 shopping spree at Los Angeles boutique, Nanette Lepore, and then head off to a photo shoot where they pose with ice sculptures.

The Girl Who Kissed a Male Model

Episode: 6x05 | Airdate: Mar 29, 2006

After a coaching session with supermodel Janice Dickinson and Cycle 5 competitor Lisa D'Amato, the models participate in a quick-change photo shoot representing all four seasons and a second photo shoot that symbolizes their career goals.

The Girl with Two Bad Takes

Episode: 6x06 | Airdate: Apr 5, 2006

After getting a lesson in improvisation at the legendary comedy workshop The Groundlings, the models are challenged to successfully deliver a mostly-improvised CoverGirl commercial, and one lucky girl, whose improv skills are superior, wins a guest starring role on "Veronica Mars" .

The Girl Who Has Surgery

Episode: 6x08 | Airdate: Apr 19, 2006

After getting a lesson about the ugly side of modeling, the participants are tested on their ability to handle harsh criticisms, and one model must face a difficult surgical procedure, while two lucky models receive special visitors from home.

The Girl Who is a Model, Not a Masseuse

Episode: 6x09 | Airdate: Apr 26, 2006

The models are coached on how to handle challenging interview questions from public relations expert Rachel McCallister, then put to the test by tough interviewer and Vanity Fair contributor George Wang; and they all receive surprise news that they will travel overseas to a major fashion destination.

The Girl Who is Going to the Moon

Episode: 6x10 | Airdate: Apr 26, 2006

Loaded with never-before-seen footage from the first nine weeks of UPN's hit dramality series, this special episode includes Gina's habit of biting others, Joanie imitating Furonda and Danielle playing a prank on Jade.

The Girls Go to Phuket

Episode: 6x12 | Airdate: May 10, 2006

The final four models meet Thai designer Pichita Rucksajit who sends them on a challenge to travel via "tuk tuk" (Thai taxis) to meet and impress local designers; after which the girls fly to Phuket where Tyra talks about the Tsunami to remind them of the importance of respecting local history and culture when modeling internationally.

The Girl Who Walked Through the Ancient City

Episode: 6x13 | Airdate: May 17, 2006

In Bangkok, the three remaining models face-off and struggle to deliver their lines and best poses for a CoverGirl commercial and photo shoot, and after the challenge one girl is eliminated on the sixth-cycle finale of AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL.

Season 7

The Girl Who Marks Her Territory, Part 1

Episode: 7x01 | Airdate: Sep 20, 2006

In Los Angeles, Tyra Banks, Jay Manuel and J. Alexander narrow down thousands of aspiring models to 33 semi-finalists. The group is put to work right away to partake in a revealing photo shoot on a Sunset Strip rooftop. The models move into their stunning new house and drama immediately unfolds as 13 girls vie for 11 beds. Later, Tyra's dramatic appearance kicks off a controversial photo shoot. One of the 13 models is eliminated. Special guests include "Swirl Twins" Ron and Richard Harris, and photographers Bryan Lynn and Don & Bronson.

The Girl Who Hates Her Hair

Episode: 7x03 | Airdate: Sep 27, 2006

Tyra makes a surprise visit to the house to announce that the girls will be getting makeovers by beauty guru Frederic Fekkai. One girl has a meltdown over her new haircut but they all must use their new looks to compete in a fast-paced makeup challenge that is judged by Queen Latifah. One model returns to the house a sore loser and causes a fight that amps up the competition for a "hair wars" photo shoot. One model is eliminated. Special guests include Queen Latifah, photographer & guest judge Tracy Bayne, and hairstylist Frederic Fekkai.

The Girl Who Goes to Texas

Episode: 7x04 | Airdate: Oct 4, 2006

Runway expert J. Alexander prepares the models for their rockiest challenge yet. The winner of the challenge and two friends jet off to work a star-studded fashion show with some past seasons' Top Models. Later, the girls have to rock a catwalk suspended over water, but one girl's sickness lands her in the hospital. One model is eliminated.

The Girl Who Joined the Circus

Episode: 7x05 | Airdate: Oct 11, 2006

The models learn to strike an extreme pose from a contortionist and are put to the test in a high fashion challenge with an extravagant prize. At the photo shoot, the girls turn into circus freaks, but its household gossip that leaves one girl in tears.

The Girl Who Punk'd Ashton

Episode: 7x06 | Airdate: Oct 18, 2006

A red carpet challenge with Janice Dickinson leaves some of the girls speechless. The stars come out at a photo shoot where the models are transformed into celebrity couples. Back at the house, one of the twins reveals something very personal.

The Girl Who Graduates

Episode: 7x07 | Airdate: Oct 25, 2006

Tyra picks up her camera for a "scary" impromptu photo shoot. But a few models struggle when burlesque icon Dita VonTeese asks them to get in touch with their sexy side. Romance novel cover boy Fabio shows up for an unforgettable photo shoot.

The Girls Who Made It This Far

Episode: 7x08 | Airdate: Nov 1, 2006

With the finale only five weeks away, never-before-seen footage includes Monique's kitchen meltdown and Jaeda's best Tyra Banks impersonation. This episode recaps the process that the seven remaining girls have survived in hopes of becoming America's Next Top Model.

The Girl Who Wrecks the Car

Episode: 7x09 | Airdate: Nov 8, 2006

Pro Athlete/Model Gabrielle Reece teaches the girls the art of action modeling while they bump, set and spike. The models get even more physical with Nascar driver Stanton Barrett for a competition where the winner has to act fast to claim her prize. Then the girls fly during a daring photo shoot at a skydiving training facility.

The Girl Who Breaks Down

Episode: 7x10 | Airdate: Nov 15, 2006

During an intense acting challenge, one model chastises the group while another reveals something traumatic in her past. The model who expresses herself the best lands a role on a CW hit show. Later, the models freak out when Tyra delivers news of their overseas trip. Things heat up when the models shoot a sultry commercial in a foreign language with a male model.

The Girl Who Sticks Her Foot in Her Mouth

Episode: 7x11 | Airdate: Nov 22, 2006

The models hit the foreign streets with their portfolios to meet local designers. One model has a breakdown when she gets lost in the city. At the photo shoot with Nigel Barker, the girls face off against an angry bull while striking dramatic poses. One model makes a comment to Nigel that she later regrets.

The Girl Who Grates

Episode: 7x12 | Airdate: Nov 29, 2006

In Barcelona, the models' nerves are wearing thin. After a Flamenco photo shoot challenge, one girl breaks down in tears when her dancing is criticized. In unlikely pairs, the models float in a pool of icy water as Tyra directs their photo shoot. One girl must bow out of the shoot early as hypothermia begins to set in.

The Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model

Episode: 7x13 | Airdate: Dec 6, 2006

The last three models standing must be on point for the most important commercial and photo shoot yet. The two models that shine at the shoot will remain and compete in a pivotal runway show for the judges. The final two glide down a cavernous catwalk in couture bridal gowns like true top models. At one point during the show, a mishap occurs between the competitors, causing one last catfight to erupt. The judges decide who will become "America's Next Top Model."

Season 8

The Girl Who Won't Stop Talking, Part 1

Episode: 8x01 | Airdate: Feb 28, 2007

Tyra Banks flies 32 aspiring models to Los Angeles, and they are immediately thrown into model boot-camp led by glam squad captains Jay Manuel and J. Alexander. Tyra surprises the girls with a military-style pep talk, and the competition gets rough as strong personalities rise and the catfights begin. The final 13 move into their extravagant Hollywood Hills mansion and are whisked away to their first photo shoot with Nigel Barker. The shoot proves to be controversial and has one model very confused.

The Girls Who Go to Prom

Episode: 8x03 | Airdate: Mar 7, 2007

Runway expert J. Alexander makes a grand appearance and the girls get "schooled" in the art of walking the runway. The girls participate in a prom-themed fashion show and one model who thinks she rocked it gets some negative criticism. Later, the girls pose in a challenging photo shoot portraying high school clichés. The praise one model receives makes another model jealous. The judges eliminate one model.

The Girl Who Cries All Time

Episode: 8x04 | Airdate: Mar 14, 2007

At a Beverly Hills salon, Tyra, Jay Manuel, J. Alexander and celebrity hairstylist Neeko transform the models with unbelievable makeovers; one model's makeover changes twice while another's new look is painful. Later, a call from home devastates one of the girls and a nude candy-coated photo shoot leaves one model very nervous.

The Girl Who Changes Her Attitude

Episode: 8x05 | Airdate: Mar 21, 2007

Watch out Madonna! The girls learn the art of posing with "vogueing" superstar Benny Ninja. The competition takes a nearly impossible turn during a high-tech mission where the models are challenged to duck, dive and pose through a laser maze. Later, the girls must bring life to a deathly crime scene photo shoot.

The Girl Who Takes Credit

Episode: 8x06 | Airdate: Mar 28, 2007

The girls get a tough lesson about what to wear and what not to wear by two fashion mavens. Next, the models must work in groups to create a department store display using themselves as mannequins. One model takes the advice of her teammates, but later takes all the credit for it. At the photo shoot, the girls must transcend their gender by posing as men alongside male models who pose as women. One model shocks everyone as she transforms into her male character. The judges send one model home.

The Girl Who Gets Thrown in the Pool

Episode: 8x07 | Airdate: Apr 4, 2007

The models get a history lesson from Twiggy on how she got her nickname and are challenged to create a name for their persona. The models must use their new name and make an impression at a Hollywood Hills party filled with celebrities. One model gets too friendly with rap star 50 Cent, and makes a splash after getting thrown in the pool while another model jumps in after her. The two drenched models are embarrassed when they meet well-known manager Benny Medina and his entourage. Later, Tyra gets involved when one model is confronted by her competitors with harsh opinions. At the photo shoot, the girls show off four of their inner personalities. The judges send one model home.

The Girl Who Impresses Pedro

Episode: 8x08 | Airdate: Apr 11, 2007

The models get a crash course in character acting from actress Tia Mowry, then are immediately thrown into an acting challenge with Efren Ramirez, the famous Pedro from "Napoleon Dynamite.". The best actor and her friend get an unexpected visit, causing one model to have an emotional breakdown. Excitement rises when Top Models of the past show up for a photo shoot that highlights the most scandalous moments of the series.

The Girls Who Go Down Under

Episode: 8x09 | Airdate: Apr 18, 2007

The girls get the low-down on how to be a great host from ANTM veteran April Wilkner. Tyra makes an unforgettable entrance and reveals that the final six are going to Australia. The moment they land, the girls are immediately put to work and must interview the locals using Aussie slang. At the crack of dawn, they head to the Outback for a Cover Girl commercial, but one girl struggles to remember her lines. The judges send home one model.

The Girl Who Picks a Fight

Episode: 8x10 | Airdate: Apr 25, 2007

With the finale only five weeks away, never-before-seen footage includes Dionne and Renee going toe-to-toe in a heated argument. At the house the girls stage a mock fashion show, complete with impersonations of the top model judges. This episode recaps the process that the six remaining girls have survived in hopes of becoming "America's Next Top Model".

The Girl Who Blames the Taxi Driver

Episode: 8x11 | Airdate: May 2, 2007

The five remaining models are sent on "go sees" to top Australian designers and must use their personality, portfolio and runway walk to impress them. One model surprises the designers by asking to keep the clothes, while another doesn't make it back in time and explodes into a fit of rage. At the photo shoot, the girls must work a swimsuit in two ways. Tyra shoots them in sensual poses for a women's magazine, however, they must also strike sexy poses for a men's magazine. One model impresses Tyra while another falls flat. The judges send home one model.

The Girl Who Does Not Want to Dance

Episode: 8x12 | Airdate: May 9, 2007

The final four models visit with Aboriginal teachers for a lesson on self expression and storytelling. That night, they go out on the town in Sydney, but one model stays home sick and the others take the opportunity to talk behind her back. At the photo shoot, each girl expresses themselves through Aboriginal dance, wearing traditional clothing and body paint. One girl complains bitterly about dancing while another embraces it. At elimination, Tyra asks each model who they think has the most potential, and things get heated when one model is verbally attacked. The judges send one girl home.

The Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model

Episode: 8x13 | Airdate: May 16, 2007

The final three must use everything they have learned thus far in the competition for the penultimate shoot: a commercial and a national print ad for CoverGirl. Top Model 7 winner & CoverGirl model Caridee English stops by the set to share some words of wisdom. One model struggles to look youthful in her shot while another needs coaching from Jay to say her lines naturally. The judges send one model home. The final two go head-to-head in a glamorous fashion show with the Sydney harbor as the backdrop. After an arduous deliberation, the judges decide who will be America's Next Top Model. In addition to Caridee English, special guests include fashion designers Sarah-Jane Clark & Heidi Middleton of Sass & Bide, and photographer Jordan Doner.

Season 9

The Girls Go Cruisin'

Episode: 9x01 | Airdate: Sep 19, 2007

Thirty-three aspiring models board a Caribbean cruise ship and are immediately greeted by their cruise director, J. Alexander. Tyra surprises the girls with a lounge singing performance, and the competition gets tough as strong personalities rise and the catfights begin. One model gets sick and one model is hated by the rest of the group. Meanwhile, the models must participate in a life jacket runway walk and a beach photo shoot. Later, Tyra, Jay Manuel and J. Alexander deliberate and Tyra names the 13 finalists.

The Models Go Green

Episode: 9x02 | Airdate: Sep 26, 2007

Jay Manuel meets the models and introduces them to their new "green" form of transportation. The models move into their environmentally friendly Los Angeles mansion and get a lesson of style from J.Alexander. Two girls start an early feud that erupts, and one model has a hard time relating to the others. Later, the models participate in a style challenge and perform a photo shoot of the negative effects of smoking. The judges send one model home.

The Girls Go Rock Climbing

Episode: 9x03 | Airdate: Oct 3, 2007

J. Alexander shocks the girls with a scary lesson on perfecting their runway walk while wearing straightjackets. The models help one girl with her image, while two competitors get into a heated argument. After a couture runway challenge sends one girl to Paris, the girls are left hanging in the air for an edgy fashion photo shoot on a rock-climbing wall. The judges send one model home.

The Girl Who Goes Bald

Episode: 9x04 | Airdate: Oct 10, 2007

Tyra gives the girls a sneak peak at their makeovers at a Beverly Hills salon. Most of the models get dramatic makeovers, but one is driven to the breaking point when she has to cut off all her hair. Later, the girls participate in a runway challenge and "pose-off" in a jungle photo shoot. The judges send one model home.

The Girl Who is Afraid of Heights

Episode: 9x05 | Airdate: Oct 17, 2007

Benny Ninja gives the girls a lesson on how to pose with movement. The models must pose in the air while jumping on a trampoline, some girls rise while others flop. Later, the girls participate in a challenge where they have to pose in the air while being hoisted up by an ice skater in the rink and when the challenge winner is announced some girls become jealous. Finally, the girls participate in a photo shoot on top of a building where they must pose as fashion gargoyles.

The Girl Who Gets a Mango

Episode: 9x06 | Airdate: Oct 24, 2007

Male model Tyson Beckford surprises the models at the house and gives them a lesson on being a spokesperson. Most pull off an impromptu sales pitch for their teacher, but a few have a hard time concentrating on their task. Later, the girls split into groups and create a public service announcement for a charity. The surprising winner of the challenge stars in a makeup photo shoot directed by singing star Mary J. Blige. Finally, the girls take part in a "green" photo shoot representing recyclable materials.

The Girl Who Runs Into the Glass Door

Episode: 9x07 | Airdate: Oct 31, 2007

With the finale only six weeks away, never-before-seen footage includes Bianca's confrontations with Chantal and Ebony, and Jenah chips her tooth. Later, Tyra talks to the girls about body image and Bianca runs into a glass door and hurts her lip. This episode recaps the process that the eight remaining girls have survived in hopes of becoming America's Next Top Model.

The Girls Who Crawl

Episode: 9x08 | Airdate: Nov 7, 2007

Tyra surprises the girls and gives them an in-depth lesson about how to model in front of a moving camera. One model continues to get jealous and be very critical of her competition. Later, the girls are greeted by music video director Jesse Terrero and find out that they are going to participate in a music video with Enrique Iglesias. During the shoot one model from exhaustion collapses.

The Girl Who Starts to Lose Her Cool

Episode: 9x09 | Airdate: Nov 14, 2007

The models go to FIDM and are paired with a student designer to be their creative muse to design a dress. The next day, models have to work the runway in a fashion show and talk about the custom made dress they're wearing. In the house, one model gets fed up with being bullied by the other girls. Later, the girls are sent to the desert where they participate in a photo shoot with a burning car.

The Girls Go to Shanghai

Episode: 9x10 | Airdate: Nov 21, 2007

When the models arrive in China they are introduced to their new penthouse suite, and one model who is left without a place to sleep becomes very upset. Meanwhile, the models get a lesson on body movement by a martial arts expert and are challenge to perfect the poses while in mid-air on high wires. One model who is terrified of heights has a hard time. Later, the girls must let their personality shine through in a Cover Girl photo shoot and commercial.

The Girls Go on Go-See Adventures

Episode: 9x11 | Airdate: Nov 28, 2007

The remaining five models are sent on designer go-sees in Shanghai. Some girls get the designers' praise while others do not impress and one model loses her way. Later, the models are photographed by Nigel Barker and must stand out in a crowd of Chinese costume dragons and lions.

The Girls Go to the Great Wall

Episode: 9x12 | Airdate: Dec 5, 2007

The girls learn some Chinese history from J. Alexander and Twiggy and move into their new Beijing home. During a shopping challenge the models must change a traditional Chinese dress into their own style by purchasing accessories at a local mall. One model gives another bad advice. Later the girls participate in a warrior-themed photo shoot photographed by Tyra Banks.

Season 10

Welcome to Top Model Prep

Episode: 10x01 | Airdate: Feb 20, 2008

In the cycle 10 premiere, 30 girls enter Top Model Prep with instructors Jay Manuel and J. Alexander and quickly begin their modeling education. Assignments include showing off their runway strut in a hallway, posing for their class photo and a brief conference with the judges. When all the tasks are completed, the girls learn if they have passed or failed. After careful consideration, Tyra Banks feels that 13 girls aren't enough to join her in New York City, she makes a surprise announcement by increasing the total number of Top Model Prep graduates. Fourteen girls get the chance to prove they have what it takes to become America's Next Top Model.

New York City, Here We Come

Episode: 10x02 | Airdate: Feb 27, 2008

The girls check out their new apartment in New York City and admire the humanitarian theme behind this year's loft. Once everyone is settled, Jay Manuel and Miss J take the girls to Times Square for an impromptu Badgley Mischa fashion show. While some ace the runway, others leave Miss J appalled. Paulina Porizkova is introduced as the new judge and gives the girls some honest and harsh criticism. One model stuns the judges with her revelation.

Top Model Makeovers

Episode: 10x03 | Airdate: Mar 5, 2008

Elle Macpherson surprises the girls at a photo shoot and they model her new lingerie line after getting makeovers. Tyra decides the look for each girl but not everyone agrees with her decisions. Meanwhile, tension flares in the house between Fatima and Allison.

Where's the Beef?

Episode: 10x04 | Airdate: Mar 12, 2008

The models are called to duty with Miss J and the New York City Fire Department where the girls strut their stuff and show off their quick-change skills. Next up is a runway show with the designer Tuleh. Cycle eight winner Jaslene Gonzalez makes a surprise appearance as a judge for this challenge and hurts one of the models' feelings with her harsh critique. The show wraps up with a photo shoot in the meat-packing industry that not only has the girls posing with racks of meat, but wearing it as well.

Top Model Takes It to the Streets

Episode: 10x05 | Airdate: Mar 19, 2008

Benny Ninja, famous for his posing skills, teams up with supermodel Vendela to teach the girls the different stances for catalog, commercial and couture shoots by pitting them against each other in a posing battle on the streets of New York. Vendela also serves as a guest judge. One of the girls starts to feel the pressure of the competition and questions whether she is Top Model material.

House of Pain

Episode: 10x06 | Airdate: Mar 26, 2008

Tyra surprises the girls in a dance studio and teaches them how to work their fierceness while posing at the end of a runway. During a pose-off in front of Tyra, one girl earns the opportunity to work with judge/photographer Nigel Barker while posing nude. Drama and voices escalate in the house when three ladies gang up against one girl who doesn't know how to turn her alarm clock off in the early morning hours.

If You Can't Make It Here, You Can't Make It Anywhere

Episode: 10x07 | Airdate: Apr 2, 2008

The models are spilt into two teams for go-sees with Shoshanna Lonstein, Pamella Roland and Stacey Bendit from Alice & Olivia. The girls join Mr. J for a photo shoot on Broadway at the Fuerza Bruta show and find out they will be shot through a plastic sheet while laying face down in water. One model is injured, while another gets a second makeover at the shoot.

Top Model 10 Confidential

Episode: 10x08 | Airdate: Apr 9, 2008

A look at never-before-seen footage of the cycle 10 contestants that includes the ladies battling with posing instructor Benny Ninja and his team, New York City firefighters practicing their runway struts and contestant wrestling matches.

For Those About to Walk, We Salute You

Episode: 10x09 | Airdate: Apr 16, 2008

Paulina drops by the loft to surprise the girls with tips on how to behave during press interviews and while attending public events. The girls are dressed by designer Jay Godfrey and must mingle with fashion world VIPs at a cocktail party. One girl breaks down when she realizes she lost her travel document and learns she may not be able to accompany the remaining girls to the secret overseas location.

Viva Italia!

Episode: 10x10 | Airdate: Apr 23, 2008

The models head to Rome for the second part of the competition and are thrilled with their new home. The girls face their biggest challenge yet when they are told they will be filming a Cover Girl commercial - in Italian.

We Are Spartans!

Episode: 10x11 | Airdate: Apr 30, 2008

The models embrace their inner warriors when they learn Gladiator-style fighting complete with swords. The challenge winner hits the streets of Rome on a shopping spree. Tyra photographs the models in an old Roman castle and is startled by one model's unique beauty.

Ready for My Close-Up

Episode: 10x12 | Airdate: May 7, 2008

The final four models step behind the camera during this week's challenge when they get to photograph Paulina Porizkova and later pose as famous movie icons in a shoot with photographer Nigel Barker. The girls are on edge when they learn that none of the judges are impressed with any of their final portraits.

And the Winner is...

Episode: 10x13 | Airdate: May 14, 2008

Cycle nine winner Saleisha Stowers stops by to cheer on the contestants during their Cover Girl commercial and print ad shoot. One of the models fails to deliver and is sent packing. The final two face off on the runway at a once-in-a-lifetime fashion event in the race to become America's Next Top Model.


Exposed (2)

Episode: S10 Special | Airdate: Feb 13, 2008

Tyra Banks' hit reality series takes a look back at the show's most inspiring, touching and funny moments with clips from the first nine cycles and commentary from the participants. Aspiring models from all over the U.S. are asked to demonstrate both inner and outer beauty while mastering complicated catwalks, intense physical fitness, fashion photo shoots, publicity skills and challenges, all under 24-hour-a-day surveillance.

Behind the Beauty

Episode: S24 Special | Airdate: Mar 13, 2018

Behind the Beauty shines the spotlight on the final five competitors of Cycle 24 and their quests for the crown. The special features exclusive panelists interviews, contestants confessionals, and never-before-seen footage.

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