episodes ordered suggestion

bungle wrote 27 days ago:

so I figured that under show info, the 'episodes ordered' will only be shown if there is a current episode added for a series, regardless of whether it is entered into the seasons info or not.

while this is not a problem for the majority of shows in the db, it would also be good if it displayed this for shows that are still in development where applicable.

https://www.tvmaze.com/shows/36284/the-english-game < here an example.

thanks for listening, cheers. :)

NickDeBeer wrote 22 days ago:

can you check on Live PD Ep 70 was release on 1 june 2019

Edvskm wrote 4 days ago:

Could you add a sorting of the shows, by the date of the oldest episode that I haven't watched. I usually watch the episodes from different shows that are the oldest and I can't get that kind of sort currently. Thanks.