Anyone else disappointed with new Ghost Hunters?

xXskaendoXx wrote 15 days ago:

3 episodes into the new series or season (whatever), I am disappointed at the direction that the show has taken.

It feels all "touchy freely" and the team claims that they are "helping" people when to me it just looks like a bunch of softies going ghost hunting.

If people want help, they should probably be calling 'The Dead Files'.

Honestly, the ultimate team would be a combo-punch of the old 'Ghost Hunters', then after they go in and try to debunk and try to witness activity, send in Amy Allan (or get their own trained medium) and investigator to figure out who is there and 'recommend' some actual solutions.

But they also need to grow a pair and stop trying to be all friendly with the 'spirits' or whatever and call them out. I wouldn't talk to this new team so what would make me think that a 'ghost' would?

Hopefully Ghost Nation and the old team will keep with their 'format' from before.