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The End of the F***ing World S2

FHFbVB1Mkd3 wrote 13 days ago:

Whole season 2 of is on "All 4" (UK - from Channel 4) and Netflix (world-wide) since today, Nov 5. But shown by 2 episodes per day on Channel 4 - like the schedule.

If a show premieres on a Web Channel like Netflix and is aired on a TV Network later on, the Netflix premiere dates must be used.

So in theory, episodes 1-2 premiered on Channel 4 at Nov 4, but episodes 3-8 on All 4 / Netflix at Nov 5. Should it be entered like that? (And in theory episodes 1-2 have an airtime, but 3-8 not - just airdate?)

If a show is co-produced by multiple networks, the network that premieres the episodes first (on a world-wide level) should be used.

Is "Network" at "Show info" still Channel 4 or Netflix?

Overall it doesn't matter too much to me, but I am curious now :) Thank you.

JuanArango wrote 13 days ago:

As ALL 4 is involved in the production of the show (its the on demand service from Channel 4) and as it is airing the majority of episodes as a premiere, the airdates from ALL 4 should be used.

I will change it accordingly :)

FHFbVB1Mkd3 wrote 12 days ago:

Ah, thought it was also Nov 5 there. Great, thanks :)