Why is Starz Family rerunning Scaredy Squirrel?

Tommypezmaster wrote 15 days ago: 2

I'm stunned to see a show as bad as Scaredy Squirrel hasn't been buried in shame like it should have been years ago. It's not only one of the worst cartoons to ever hit the air, but is also one of the biggest rip offs of all time. The show centers around 2 friends, in particular on Scaredy, a character that never gets any respect. The premise doesn't sound that bad, but after you see how it's handled, you'll be wishing this show would be canceled.

If you watch this show, you'll quickly realize how much this show looks like Joe Murray's hit show, Rocko's Modern Life. I don't mean it rips it off a little, it rips it off almost point for point. From the whole idea of a fish out of water in an all animal town, to most of the character designs, and to how some of the characters act, you'll know this is nothing more then a cheap clone of Rocko's Modern Life. Unlike that show though, this one here goes and scrapes the bottom of the barrel and is nothing like the beloved Rocko.

If there is one word I could describe Scaredy Squirrel it would be repetitive. Everything in this show is so repetitive and monotonous. The plots are downright recycled and all pretty much play out the same way. Something strange happens, Scaredy is butt of joke, wines and complains, learns nothing. Rinse, recycle, and repeat and you got this show in a nutshell. Very rarely, and I mean in a blue moon, will you see some special holiday episodes, but even then those are recycled. It's not just the plots though, it's pretty much everything else. All the jokes are repeated and are NEVER funny at all, especially that "Late for Work" joke. The same dialogue is used from time to time in other episodes. Even the same sound effects and zooming in of the camera when a character freaks out is overdone.

The characters themselves are awful, especially our so called "hero", Scaredy. He claims to be some smart character, but in reality he is a selfish, arrogant, jerk who thinks he's better then everyone else. He constantly disobeys the only person who's nice to him, he'll blackmail someone into doing something for him, ruin a life of a character who was nice to him, and get's punished for it. He's NOT cool at all, this cat is a blackmailer, whiner, and thief. The other characters are no better at all. Not only do some of them steal character designs from Rocko's Modern Life. but they are just annoying and irritating characters that are unlikable and are forgettable. Even the villains are awful. Nestor is nothing more then a Ed Bighead wannabe and acts like a complete idiot most of the time. Momma constant says sociopath-based puns that could make the strict elderly farm turkey from the opening scene of Free Birds look like Pigeon Today from Storks. None of these characters are likable, much less are they really interesting and cool.

The artwork and animation is another issue worth gripping about. While the set designs are mediocre at best, they all look unimaginable and may even be ripped off from other cartoons, but considering this show and how much it rips off a lot of 90's Nickelodeon, that should be no surprised. The animation is just dreadful though and is horrible in almost every way. The characters move in such an awkward way that it looks like they all have arthritis or something and lip syncs seem to be off in almost every scene.

I can't recommend this show to anyone at all and urge everyone to stay away from this awful piece of garbage. Everything in this show is so repetitive from the jokes, to the writing, and to the plots. The characters, especially Scardey, are awful nor are they likable in any way, shape, or form. The artwork is awful and the animation looks very poorly done. I don't know why Cartoon Network and Starz Family is still letting this show air and giving it the green light, but I hope somebody there finally realizes how bad this show is and give it the ax. In the meantime though, do yourself a favor and avoid this show at all costs.

My advice is to just watch NickRewind on TeenNick to see Rocko's Modern Life instead of watching this, believe me you'll actually have a better time with this show than Scaredy Squirrel