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World's most Scenic Railway Journeys

wmulder posted a month ago

The episode you added is already in the "Specials" for that show.  That being said, I think it is not part of the series at all, but maybe its own series as on the channel web page it is listed as series 1 episode 1.

Thomas posted a month ago

Imported it via an external source which gave me that as a conflict and seemed legit, but no worries, I'll ignore that update from tvdb.

Rejected Show Request #26195

JulienLiir posted a month ago

Hello Thomas,

Whoops editing my previous note I left on the page.  I now realize it was MY fault for my show request getting rejected.  

The title of the show I was requesting was typed wrong.  I will submit again, to correct the error.  Sorry for the trouble.  I can't delete this post on your page :) 

Thomas posted a month ago

No problem, will add it if it's not added yet.

"Планета вкусов" show image

MaryGreenmile posted 3 months ago

Hi. Why did you delete the show image from the show? Twice.

Thomas posted 3 months ago

Because it is in conflict with our policy in regards of main image quality.

Thomas posted 3 months ago

Give me some minutes and I will upload a proper image. So please do not re-add it.

Why do you keep removing the web channels from shows?

Nivekolsen posted 4 months ago

You have removed the "web channel" from countless of Norwegian TV Shows I've added or updated.. why? When the show is produced by TV2, the main web channel is TV2 Sumo, why remove it? It makes it harder to find shows when searching from web channel, I often try to find shows in Dplay, or others and they're always removed..?

Thomas posted 4 months ago


A show can only have two channels selected (web/network) if it both airs on a simultaneously level, which I'm sure is not the case for most of the shows or any other Scandinavian channel as they have the same structure as here in my country and a few more European countries... Usually they are uploaded to those sites after it already aired on tv.

Also when a feature is implemented for web channels in our schedule (which one day will come), it will eventually be a duplicate too and require us to do some more work that is completely unnecessary at first. In case you want to find non-existing shows in our database for those channels, simply select the tv network itself?

It worked!

taxentaxen posted 4 months ago

Just now, there appeared "Talk to Thomas" button at bottom and "Write on talk page" when right clicked on your main page's three vertical dots on right side.

So Q1 is solved, I think. Thank you!

As for Q2, I was just notified by gazza911 and he/she told me my edit to change episode title was not right. I will reverse my edits to original "Episode #" style.

Thomas posted 4 months ago

Good it is solved.

I was notified by Gazza, but thanks for the head up