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Egg Tampering Crisis Episode

Egg Tampering Crisis

Hilarious !!!

If you missed the broadcast try iView:

Episode 6 Episode

Episode 6

Just watched all 6 episodes ... it's really good. Let's hope that ITV commission a 2nd season.

MacGyver, Jr.? Article

MacGyver, Jr.?

I loved the original series, so much so that I purchased the series boxset (not something that I do very often). It was so refreshing to see the "hero" use brains rather than brawn and/or guns to get out of trouble. The solutions were often ingenious, yet so "straight forward".

Very unimpressed with new series so far. I find the character of Jack Dalton to be particularly grating.

While I'm still watching ... for now ... unless the writers, producer, director, whomever lift their game, it will be very unlikely I'll be watching MacGyver 2016 come the end of series 1.