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Norwegian, loves (almost) all S01E01, watches all of them and base my shows on how I like the s01e01. That being said; I have missed some shows that were slow starters :)

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McMafia - The BBC at its best! Article

McMafia - The BBC at its best!

When you - after three episodes - already start thinking "I hope this gets a second season!" - I know I'm onto a new favourite. Absolutely pure brilliance in all aspects so far. It kind of reminds me of the feeling I had after the first The Night Manager episode.

Episode 1 Episode

Episode 1

Classic Agatha Christie mystery buildup of the first episode. Gather some people on an island without telephone and let's see what happens :) I'm about to start episode two now.

Suitable Donor Episode

Suitable Donor

Very promising start to a new show, I will definitely follow this!

Pilot Episode


I agree with JuanArango - this episode left me with many questions that I'm looking forward to getting the answers from.

Me being a huge Lost fan, I cannot help looking at Josh Holloway and thinking 'Sawyer' - and the fact that Carlton Cuse is behind this series makes it even more intruiging. Can't wait for the series to start on a weekly basis.