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The Orville News

‘The Orville’ Renewed for Season 3 at Fox

Fox announces it has renewed "The Orville" for a third season. Then a little over a month later Hulu claims season 3 will 'air' exclusively on the streaming service? It makes you wonder what has gotten into Fox network executives? Last fall, it was announced that "Last Man Standing" would be preempted by some form of a Friday night smash down/wrestle mania, and as it turns out a somewhat ratings success for Fox, but not to fear, "Last Man Standing" would return to the Friday night lineup in January 2020. Now that the new season line up has been finalized, "Last Man Standing" isn't on Friday nights at all. It was moved to a Thursday night line up (which Fox could have easily done last fall), and it is double dipping (airing two episodes per night), in what could be described as an apparent attempt to get just it out of the way?

As for more bewildering programming decisions, Fox executives announce, "The Orville" was renewed but then quickly passed off to the Hulu streaming service. It leaves another clear opportunity for fans to shake their heads in disbelief. I guess it is the type of decisions you can only understand if you have an MBA in the entertainment business, plenty of accreditation and no common sense.

Whatever Fox networks are putting in their coffee, avoid it. It apparently clouds the mind and leads to irrational decision making.

Watch Making a Murderer Article

Watch Making a Murderer

This was a gripping real life story, filmed over the course of 10 years. Viewers may a nudge to get past the first 2-3 episodes, however it will be worth it for most, and you will not need any prompting for the rest. The series presents a real look at our criminal justice system, that for many is not a 'justice system', rather it is 'just a system'. Probably the most important aspect of the series, for me anyway, is this, if this can happen to him, it can happen to you (or me). Everyone needs to pay close attention to what in fact does happen to people, If you are truly innocent, you have nothing to worry about is about as far from the truth as anything.