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Pilot Episode


Television series, (and other things such as film and "social" media) is our soma. Take a look at this episode. It will fix your levels.

Kodi Tracker + Sync addon Blog

Kodi Tracker + Sync addon

Each member of my family have their own TVmaze accounts. How can I inform Kodi which of us are watching so that Kodi can update each of our accounts? [Am I going to have to patch my copy of Kodi and use your lovely API again?]

Janice Episode


[SPOILERS and speculation]  

The alluding to the perils of a two-party political system is a little heave handed in places, (especially with Commander 14 and Octavio Coleman being voiced by the same person.) This episode does a good effort to continue the meta application of the Gia philosophy as espoused by Coleman in the first episode; by again inviting the audience to see how connected they are with one of the main characters. (Depending on how your identity has been crafted will determine how much you identify with Janice, (or the previous two) being you.) There continues to be an undercurrent of [The Game (1997)] which I look forward to seeing resolved. I have a suspicion that they would get to the bottom of the mystery faster if they had a talking dog with them. (I'm sure you can see some parallels between Fredwynn and Fred or Peter and Shaggy. Simone is clearly Daphne and Janice is our Velma.)

DIY or DIE Episode


@zwixxx wrote:
Isabel Lucas joins the cast so today was a good day. :)

Beautiful woman, (but if her acting was any more wooden MacGyver could make a boat out of her.)

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