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Just a guy from Argentina who loves to watch TV.
I'm a San Lorenzo fan...yes, pope team.
Favorite Movie: Pulp Fiction, The Dark Knight, Star Wars: Episode V, Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Back to the Future, Jaws, Groundhog Day, Ghostbusters.
Favorite Actors: Robert De Niro, Tom Hanks, Jack Nicholson, Antonhy Hopkins, Christian Bale, Harrison Ford, Bill Murray, Samuel L. Jackson, Robin Williams, Robert Downey Jr.
Favorite shows: Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Lost, The X-Files, Psych, The Simpsons, Rick and Morty, The Office ,The Big Bang Theory, Parks & Rec, Chuck, The Blacklist, True Detective, Prison Break, Scooby Doo, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, and among many, many more.
Music: Rock & Pop & Blues
Favorite bands: Queen, The Beatles, CCR, Guns N' Roses, Arctic Monkeys, The Black Keys, Queens of the Stone Age, Cage The Elephant.
Food: Asado

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Pilot Episode

This was fun :)

Damage Episode

Run, Barry, run!.... I mean... climb, Lena, climb!.

Girls Night Out Episode

Another good episode!. Leave the brooding to Arrow and give us 70% more Drunk Barry!. Katee Sackhoff is one badass meta-human!... I also like the new character (Ralph), I hope he stays in the show for a while.