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Good Morning SAGA Episode

Good Morning SAGA

That was... definitely not what I was expecting. A bit disappointed, but we'll see if it turns out alright.


Genderquake: The Debate

Quite a few issues with this;

1. There was never enough time to have a debate on a single issue as it was a load of shout... sorry, cutting to the break *
As always, panelists would divert a question they didn't want to answer by explaining something else (not the fault of the host though)
3. Audience members heckling, plus panelists bringing it up (which indeed, should be addressed, but removed time from the actual debates)
4. 60 minutes (closer to 40 minutes of actual content due to adverts) was never enough time to discuss one side of this topic, let alone have a debate on it

* Multiple times the host said, "we'll get back to that later" even though they'd move onto another point after the break

To sum up, it was a complete mess, rather than the actual debate which, in my opinion is needed.

Special Program Episode

Special Program

This episode aired on WOWOW on March 30th at 22:30 and Tokyo MX on March 31st at 25:00, however as it didn't stream on Netflix, the airdate has been left blank; more info here:

The Sin Bin Episode

The Sin Bin

The episode was okay, just way too predictable