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The Business of Saving Lives Episode

The Business of Saving Lives

A good ending for a great show, considering most shows end without any proper sendoff, this was probably as good as it could get.

The Book of Nora Episode

The Book of Nora

I actually enjoyed the ending, it does answer a lot of "what" happened but leaves the "why" open.

Rm9sbG93ZXJz Episode


There is something off about this whole season, it's not the show I love and remember and this episode is the strangest of the season...

I like this season a lot but it doesn't feel like The X-Files :/


This Is It

I actually quite enjoyed this show and am sad that I was late to see it and that it was cancelled.

But I guess Silicon Valley came around and they didn't think this could compete. I would even go as far to say that this show has some moments that are funnier than Silicon Valley, and even geekier too.