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Love watching movies,series,playing video games,fishing & my 4 dogs.Spend a serious amount of time watching my fave shows,if I am not watching them live,I am downloading or recording them so I don't miss a thing!!

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Crossfire Episode


Really going to miss this show,what a great electrifying cast they had,loved all the wittiness,charm and chemistry everyone shared,so sad to see it come to an end :( .

War is Coming...... Article

War is Coming......

This show was awesome,I really liked the no holds barred type of Robot battles,don't remember name of the one contestants robot,but it completely obliterated other competition to pieces & was my all time fave when ever it showed up.I hope this new season has a fight to the death type of format allowing competitors to rip each others creations to smithereens & that we get even a longer episodic season afterwards.I also watched series Robotica around the same time that had robot fights as well as a obstacle course that was really wicked too watch contestants work around.Hope this genre gets a reboot & comes back strong :) So can't wait & thanks for bringing this to our attention.