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The Grand Tour Presents: Seamen Episode

The Grand Tour Presents: Seamen

I went in with high expectations and I found it really rather drab compared to what they usually accomplish and I do normally enjoy their shows. The tone they set at the beginning didn't exactly help. The "entertaining" bumbling stupid stuff they did didn't really hit the mark for me. It has a few scattered mildly amusing bits but it's too long, resulting in feeling like a chore and didn't have that epic feeling. Perhaps I just find boats boring lol.

Lost Tomb of the Mummy Episode

Lost Tomb of the Mummy

This is a shorter version of

Hunt for the Chupacabra Episode

Hunt for the Chupacabra

Mostly a waste of time. They need to come up with better ideas or re-trace back to previous seasons and continue those 'we'll come back another time' ones. The show feels stale in it's current state with too much pointless rubbish. Once you've figured out the editing patterns etc. it really becomes a chore.

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