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Series addict, from Paris

My userscripts :

- Count episodes Watchlist (
With this one, there is few adaptation of the watchlist layout, in order to lose less space.
Also, it change of the [complete le most|least] 's order. Intended by the site, it's sorting by percentage of viewed episodes. With this plugin, it's sorted by the count of unseen episodes.
Same for [Aired most|least recently] : in the site settings, it's sorting by the last aired episode; but with this plugin, it's sorting by the first unseen episode.

[- Buttons Calendar ( 
Add status buttons on the calendar page.] Not maintained anymore, I strongly suggest you take the premium account.

Any request or question :

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Check Your Ed Episode

Check Your Ed

This should have been an Halloween episode :D

Let It Go Episode

Let It Go

And an hint that Blindspot is set in the same universe than the Stargates' shows, nice !

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