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Viewing ratings and voting on the general show page Blog

Viewing ratings and voting on the general show page

@Draidor when you vote in the bit below the shows main image on its home page, you are voting for the show as a whole. If you want to vote on individual episodes, go to that episode and there is a section there for voting on it.

FOX and NBC announce plans for less advertising  Article

FOX and NBC announce plans for less advertising

In the Uk, ITV, Channel 4 & Channel 5 all run ad breaks (Along with all the other Satellite/ Cable) channels). None of the BBC Channels carry commercials, as these are paid for by the television license fee.

What the BBC tend to do is, a lot of shows (Especially daytime shows) do not air for the full hour, but for 45mins. The shorter run time allows them to be easily sold to other countries, allowing those countries to then air it in a 60min slot with commercials. The 15min of space left at the end of a 45min programme isn't "filled" with anything. The next programme just starts.

An example for BBC 1 for March 13th:

11am The Sheriffs are Coming - Runtime, 45mins
11 :45 am Caught Red Handed - Runtime, 30mins
12:15pm Bargain Hunt - Runtime 45mins

With regards to ads in the US, I would personally prefer the 42-43min runtime with less on-screen splash ads that sometimes cover 50% of the screen during a programme. To say they are annoying is an understatement! The timings of those is never taken into consideration as they often appear in a crucial part of the episode. I have no problem with them squashing the end credits to a third of the screen to allow for ads or "Coming up next" promo's, but not during the actual episode.

Ratings Roundup Week of February 18, 2018 Article

Ratings Roundup Week of February 18, 2018

Love the FOX summary, HAHA! Of the new shows this season, 9-1-1 is my winner. Right from the very first episode, it has been very good. I look forward to the new eps :)
Am also a fan of Timeless, so was very happy (And a bit surprised) when I saw it had been renewed. I was sure it was dead after one season, especially when they did actually cancel it!