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Disney Joins the Streaming Market Article

Disney Joins the Streaming Market

I would never say never, but it isn't a service I would currently use, or even need. Of course, content is key. If Disney were to make all the old classic animation movies etc available with a couple of clicks, I'm sure it would please many parents who would no longer have to fumble around for the Blu-Ray of the little ones favourite in order to stop them screaming :)

For me tho (For now), i'll just stick to my Netflix sub & make do.

This Morning News

This Morning... on a Sunday!

Terrible idea, in my opinion. This will never ever compete with the excellent Sunday Brunch on Channel 4, especially with Eamonn and Ruth presenting it.

"Rosa" – Doctor Who S11E03 Review Article

"Rosa" – Doctor Who S11E03 Review

Not a big fan of this episode, to be honest. It didn't feel like I was watching Doctor Who at all, more like an episode of Timeless or, as you mentioned, QL.

Don't get me wrong, the actual scripting, photography and acting was as good as always. Just, no. It's not what I expect from Doctor Who.