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"Trigon" – Titans S02E01 Review Article

"Trigon" – Titans S02E01 Review

I agree! The episode felt a bit lackluster. I was a bit confused about why she had to wake up Dick and just left the others. And why Trigon couldn't resist or even put up a fight. He didn't feel like a big baddie at all.

And yes, the CGI was not the best, but on a low budget I don't blame them.

In the comics Beast Boy (Gar) can turn into any kind of animal, even insects and dinosaurs, but I thought it was mentioned in some episode in season 1 that he could turn into other animals as well. In the comics he also has enhanced regenerative healing so he would/should heal even faster than in the show, but I guess it's like this because the story needed it.

The Book of Names Episode

The Book of Names

The show never stops to amaze me with how bad they are at creating a believable atmosphere. Just Karric Unger's clueless attempts att chopping a random loose root shows that neither producers nor actor have ever used an axe at all.

The Mistress and the Worm Episode

The Mistress and the Worm

That was the worst fake blacksmith I've ever seen. Warming the metal over open flames and lazily poking the metal with a tiny mallet. The writers and producers have probably never seen a real blacksmith and just went with guessing.

Two Heads are Better Than None Episode

Two Heads are Better Than None

Yes, the writing is so bad! It's quite obvious that the show is meant for teenagers, but it seems that it's also written by teenagers. This old veteran who has studied all the lore and history just hand her a magical incantation that summons demons but doesn't warn her about what it actually does. It's so cheesy it hurts.