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Pilot Episode


Is the town in Nebraska that they go to the old set from Eureka?  

Lotus Eaters Episode

Lotus Eaters

I really can't stand Tandy.

Tyrone tells her he just saw someone murdered and his brother's murder is going to go unavenged, and she says nothing barely takes a breath before making it all about HER and asking him for his help.  

Then at the rig she ignores Tyrone & the danger just to keep talking on the phone.  She refuses to leave the scenario after Tyrone tells her they probably both have to leave.

The ending did not make up for her casual cruelty to her former boyfriend or Tyrone.

At this point I'm only watching for Tyrone and to see what happens to him.

Stained Glass Episode

Stained Glass

I can't believe Tandy didn't help her boyfriend when he gave her all his money to help her out. She is a terrible person.  If she doesn't help him within the next episode, I am so done.

I like Tyrone's story, even if this show is a little too heavy-handed in its teling.

Doomsday Episode


"Non-holiday specific seasonal dance" was hilarious.

But ugh, the product placement is so bad. Makes me want to avoid using that product for a while.

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