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slybrook achieved 9 out of 23 available badges. This earns him/her the status of TVmaze Regular!


  • Show fan
    Show fan
    Follow one of your favorite TV shows.
  • Show addict
    Show addict
    Follow at least 50 shows.
  • Episode Critic
    Episode Critic
    Write a comment on an episode
  • Tracker
    Mark an episode as watched
  • Sir Watchalot
    Sir Watchalot
    Mark at least 250 episodes as watched
  • WatchMaster
    Mark at least 2500 episodes as watched
  • Verified
    Confirm your email address
  • Enter the Maze
    Enter the Maze
    Join TVmaze
  • Got the power
    Got the power
    Vote on a show or episode

Not Yet Achieved

  • Contributor
    Contribute with an edit that adds information to our database, or fixes an error.
  • Returning Contributor
    Returning Contributor
    Contribute with at least 100 edits.
  • Top Contributor
    Top Contributor
    Contribute with at least 1000 edits
  • Couch fused
    Couch fused
    Follow at least 250 shows
  • Network fan
    Network fan
    Follow one of your favorite TV networks.
  • Actor fan
    Actor fan
    Follow one of your favorite TV actors.
  • ChatterBug
    Write at least 50 comments
  • Article Critic
    Article Critic
    Write a comment on an article
  • Librarian
    Create a tag to organize your shows
  • Cognito
    Add a profile picture and biography
  • Social Connection
    Social Connection
    Connect to a social network
  • TVmaze Bronze
    TVmaze Bronze
    Subscribe to TVmaze premium Bronze or higher
  • TVmaze Silver
    TVmaze Silver
    Subscribe to TVmaze premium Silver or higher
  • TVmaze Gold
    TVmaze Gold
    Subscribe to TVmaze premium Gold or higher