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Battleground Earth (2)

Lord Nor (Simon Templeman) accuses Kal El for treason and manages to prove that his marriage to Zara (Justine Bateman) was never consummated and the two of them are not planning to fulfill this duty. The council trials Kal El finding him guilty and sentence him to banishment. During the execution of the sentence, Ching (Mark Kiely) finds a loophole in the system that Kal El can challenge Lord Nor to a duel and Trey (J. G. Hertzler) stops the procedure. While Clark and Lord Nor fight, Lois finds out that the kryptonite was stolen by the corrupt military colonel Cash and they are planning to kill all the Kryptonians. Cash does not care if Superman might get injured or die since he sees him as a bigger threat than Lord Nor, and they believe that by killing everyone is the only way to stop them. They use the kryptonite and manage to kill Lord Nor and his men but Superman survives. Colonel Cash ends up in jail. The Kryptonians leave Earth with Zara being the leader and married to Ching, while Clark stays on Earth with Lois.

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