Episode 1 Recap

In this first episode of the new series, Pedro the giant anteater is about to be reunited with his long-term partner, Bliss. But then he falls ill, and faces a major operation - with an uncertain outcome.

The Zoo's extremely rare bald ibises produce a batch of new chicks, who are destined to be released back into the wild in southern Spain. But one, Britney, is critically underweight and must be hand-reared. If she becomes too tame, however, she won't survive in the wild.

Rhino couple Beni and Asha have been kept separate for the last four years while mum Asha has been raising the couple's daughter, Komala. But now Komala is leaving home, and the couple are due to be reunited. Will they rekindle their rhino romance?

And in the insect hatchery, Natasha the orchid mantis has caused a crisis - by eating all the male mantises in the Zoo... except one. Now the hopes of breeding more of these rare insects rest with two-centimetre-long Bruce, who must attempt to mate with Natasha. But will he survive the experience in one piece?

Written by TomSouthwell on Feb 13, 2017