Jane the Virgin's Twist

Many of you may already know this, but I'm a huge fan of Jane the Virgin and ever since I wrote about it last year, I've still been a loyal fan watching every episode. It's completely self-aware, hilarious, and a perfect escapist comedy.

For those who don't know what Jane the Virgin is, it stars Gina Rodriguez as Jane Villanueva, we follow Jane after she was accidentally artificially inseminated. The show itself is based off of a Venezuelan tele-novela of the same name and churns through plot like a soap opera. It's hilarious, outrageous, and perfect for this time.

If you, however, have not watched it, please stop reading this now as I about to reveal a huge twist that occurred in the most recent episode. Also please be aware I will be revealing a major spoiler from the most recent season of The Walking Dead and how the twist has led to me deciding to stop watching the show altogether.

Previously I discussed how sometimes this show can push the envelope a little too far, for example, baby Mateo getting taken, Michael (Brett Dier) getting shot the night of his wedding to Jane. I get it, don't get me wrong - it needs to be outrageous, but sometimes it goes a bit too far for me, again this is one of those instances. Michael survived a gunshot wound and then died out of the blue due to complications from that wound. Really? He studied to take the LSAT, took the test, and then he died. I'm done watching this show. I'm not sure why it had to happen and why it had to happen then, but it just cut a little too close to the bone for me. This situation reminded me of the death of one of my favourite characters in The Walking Dead - Tyreese (Chad L. Coleman) up and died, out of the blue. I get it, I like my shows as close to reality as they can be. But this random death was too much for me to handle, It happened for no rhyme or reason and quite suddenly. Call me picky if you want, that's fine, but I have a particular taste and a show that has characters that could die at a moment's notice is something that’s sure to make me tune out. The show wasn't funny anymore, it felt pointless.

And then it had the gall to do a 3 year time jump at the end of it. He dies, Jane finds out, loses it, and then we jump ahead 3 years. Really? That seemed like rubbing salt into the wound. Don't get me wrong, I think this show would have benefited from a time jump quite a while ago. The evil twin story line with Petra (Yael Grboglas) was played out and boring, the romance between Xiomara (Andrea Navado) and Bruce (Ricardo Chavira) seemed unsteady and I would have loved to move past that. But really, did we have to jump right after we see Jane lose it?

I know that there’s a chance we will see the funeral and, yes, we probably will hop around the past three years to witness some of the more important moments in the characters lives, but damn, it was too much for me. And with so many shows to watch, this was one that is fairly easy for me to stop watching.

So, I'm over the show. If you've watched this show, what are your thoughts about the sudden plot twist? Let me know below!

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Written by cwm on Feb 15, 2017


cwm posted a year ago

Yeah, I've stopped watching and have never looked back. From the sounds of it, it doesn't seem I'm missing anything anyways haha. Although you and I will disagree on which team is the better one, I appreciate the comment.

mpflipper posted a year ago

First of all let me say that I have been #teamRafael from day 1... I never could stand Michael.. and the writers have always said that Michael had to go one day... So I for one was happy to see him finally GO... the show was getting too boring with Jane and Michael playing the happy married couple..

That said.. I didn't need to see him die.. I would have preferred if Jane would have come to her senses and figured out that Michael was NOT the one for her.. that he was just a child in a man's body...who needs his hand held through everything in life.. The guy couldn't make a decision if his life depended on it.. always had to be told by others what to do, when to do it and how to do it.... So I would have rather seen her LEAVE the ass and go back to Rafael... I wanted to see Michael LOOSE IT ALL.. not see Jane go through that heartbreaking moment....

The 3 year jump... well they had to put that in because of the story line where Rafael was headed to jail for that same amount of time...
So I guess that is why they did that...

Now the next episode after that.. I don't like where they have taken it with Mateo suddenly being a violent and difficult child.. Don't like that at all.
Neither did I like Rafael being out of prison and having a steady relationship for 1 year already...
But we will see where that is going in the next few episodes I guess !!
They better turn this ship around FAST.. or I will loose interest too !!!

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