​ "Hilter" – Preacher S03E07 Review

So as you might tell from the title, this episode of Preacher we catch up with Hitler. He's busily planning a new Reich from his job in a sandwich shop. The Saint and Eugene show up, and the Saint is soon taking both of them back to Hell. So that's an opening sequence done and over with. Why they called the episode "Hilter", (sic) who knows? I guess they ran out of title ideas.

Most of the story is yet another chapter in Jesse being stuck at Angelville. And you wonder how Jesse got away the first time, when he was younger, less resourceful, and didn't have Tulip with him. Because it's taking him forever to get away this time, and having to make a deal with Starr. And trying to resist his own temptations in the Tombs. Which... I guess he doesn't ringmaster there anymore since we haven't seen it in a few episodes.

Starr meets with Marie and offers her the souls from Soul Happy Go Go, in return for her "loaning" him Jesse. She agrees, and Starr sends Lara and Tulip to Osaka to get the souls since he can't go through official channels without notifying Allfather. Tulip figures that she'll screw up, but Jesse assures her that she won't.

There's also a weird scene with Jesse assuring Marie that everything will go as planned and she'll get her souls. Marie seems oddly vulnerable, even though she threatens to rip Jesse in half just like she did with his mother. Jesse hugs her and makes an ominous promise to come back.

Meanwhile, FJ contacts a group of militant priests to capture Cassidy. Cassidy has turned Lisa, his first, and tries to learn Eccarius' vampire talents. He's also discovered that Eccarius sends the transformed Children out into the world to turn their enemies and create safe havens for vampires. Whether that's true or not, we soon find out. Eccarius tells Lisa that there is no "flying", vampires are stinking vermin and he's the worst of them, kills her, and leaves her body to disintegrate in the sun.

The priests tranq Cassidy and disintegrate Eccarius with UV searchlights. Fortunately, Cassidy is resistant to tranquilizers and kills the priests, while Eccarius transforms into a mouse. Eccarius assures Cassidy that he'll stand with him, and they kiss.

Earlier, Starr mentioned "Genesis" in front of TC. Later, TC is painting Marie's toenails and asks her what Genesis is. She perks up at that, so apparently she has some idea of what Genesis is and what it can do. So there's that to look out for in the future.

In the end, Starr takes Jesse to the Grail offices, puts a gun to his head, and hands him over to Allfather.

Overall, "Hilter" was another so-so- episode in a so-so season. Jesse is stuck in Angelville, Jesse schemes to get free of Marie and the blood compact. Rinse and repeat. Cassidy's romantic relationship with Eccarius is based on a lie, although Cassidy doesn't know it yet. So he's going to eventually get kicked in the teeth when he finds out.

The episode, like the season, runs mostly on the overall goofiness. Mostly provided by Colin Cunningham as TC. He makes weird comments about transplanting pig hearts into dogs, tries to strike up a conversation with Starr (Pip Torrens is still the most reliably funniest part of the show), and paints Marie's toenails. Jody has had his moments this season, but doesn't get to do much this week.

Marie and her two... whatever the heck they are, Jody and TC, still come across more as pitiful and/or goofy, rather than menacing. Which tends to undermine the threat to Jesse and Tulip. It's hard to believe that these three can outsmart and outfight Jesse and Tulip.

We also get bits of the Grail, with FJ (Malcolm Barrett) running off after his ambush on Cassidy fails. And Lara trying and failing miserably to get Starr romantically interested in her or to show the least bit of concern about her well-being.

Preacher remains interesting, but it continues in a holding pattern. It's padded and only watchable because of the sheer goofiness of the Grail and the Angelville bunch.

But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong. What do you think?

Written by Gislef on Aug 6, 2018


BrianSpringer posted 5 months ago

I like preacher but like you said it's "rinse and repeat" and it's been that way for a while. I go 3 or 4 weeks without watching and then binge watch. That keeps it interesting for me.

AnonymousCoward posted 5 months ago

This show is fantastic and the second season is really keeping things interesting.

Aidan posted 5 months ago

This episode is actually called Hilter, not Hitler as the topic says.


RobertQuilter posted 5 months ago

i still enjoy the series.

The comics this is based on are iconic and the series,though in no way equal,does stand on its own.

Although i have a nasty suspicion..ratings are low and we wont see the series through to its conclusion.

JuanArango posted 5 months ago

I think Preacher had a pretty good first season, but then it slowly went down to a bit above average entertainment. The whole show only relies on extreme situations and as you said "goofy characters". They have to do a better job with the writing and the storyline.

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