​ "Hunt Day" – Wrecked S03E06 Review

"Hunt Day" wasn't as funny as last week. But there were still a few funny moments. So after a slow start, the series has slowly been improving.

"Hunt Day" starts where the last episode started off, with the seven survivors facing off over a big pile of weapons. Declan (Jonno Roberts) announces over the loudspeakers the survivors can't "cheat" by either knocking out the house's power supply, or hiding. We get graphic demonstrations/flashbacks of both: a previous hunt contestant gets electrocuted trying to get to the power supply, and another survivor hiding gets blown up when Declan and his hunters find them.

The survivors then break up into three groups. Todd, who is still angry at Park for moving in on the amnesiac Jess, goes after Park and Jess follows them. That's all that we see of them this week.

Danny grabs a chainsaw and chases off after Owen and Florence. Because he went to samurai camp. Why? Because samurai camp is a thing for rich dudes. Why is it a thing? "When you're rich, everything's a thing." Danny just wants Florence and Owen to get back together again. They hold hands for his benefit, and Danny demands they slow-dance while he hums music.

Meanwhile, Steve is still mad at Karen because she supposedly cheated on her husband Anthony. Steve eventually reveals his wife cheated on him. They fight, and Karen doesn't kill Steve despite a few dozen opportunities. Karen finally says she and her husband have an open marriage, and Steve and Karen start making out. They figure Declan and his group are watching them (and Jonno Robert's deadpan "This is a first" is pretty funny), so Karen leads Steve off to a barn. The barn.

Florence and Owen manage to grab Danny, but they all hide when Steve and Karen come in. The trio are forced to stay silent and listen to increasingly goofy sex talk from Karen and Steve. Danny finally knocks over one of his shuriken, Steve and Karen hear them, and we get some pixelated nudity. Karen is angry they were apparently spying on them, so she chases them out and corners them on a cliff. Steve steps forward and tells them Declan told him something. However, someone shoots him in the chest with an arrow and he falls over the cliff.

Back at the house, the rich hunters complain the episode ended on a literal cliffhanger because they don't have any cameras on the killer. Even though we saw they had drones earlier.. And... the episode ends on a cliffhanger. Which is also a mildly funny joke, although I'm sure it's been done before.

Next week it looks like we get the return of Chet (George Basil), who has been AWOL since the season premiere. Whether he shot Steve or not (and why), who knows? We also find out more of what happened with Todd, Park, and Jess. In case you cared.

So "Hunt Day" did have some funny moments. Brian Sacca does a dead-eyed stare pretty well, even if his shuriken-throwing skill is out of left field. But the reason makes sense, in a comedy kind of way. However, Steve manages to throw some kind of knife into Karen's thigh earlier is a bit weirder. They don't even bother to explain why he has that skill.

I could have lived without more of Steve and Karen having sex. But at least the sex talk was funny, particularly as background dialogue to Danny, Florence, and Owen talking out their differences. And the whole thing with Florence and Owen acting like a divorced couple telling their child the divorce wasn't the child's fault was mildly funny.

Overall, "Hunt Day" was an okay episode. It wasn't drop-dead comedy, but Wrecked rarely is. It at least managed to get some consistent jokes out of the whole thing and provide entertaining.

But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong. What do you think?

Written by Gislef on Sep 12, 2018


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