My Interview With Ian Chen, from Fresh Off the Boat

69549.jpgFor those of you who don't know, I'm a huge fan of Fresh Off the Boat and recently wrote about my love for it and how it keeps the hits coming in season 2. Well, it appeared that Ian Chen, who plays Evan Huang, the younger brother in the show, liked my review enough to allow me to interview him. It was a great experience for me and I got the details on some upcoming episodes and got to hear what it was like to meet Shaq and Jeremy Lin.

CM: So, Ian, how are you doing today?

IC: I'm doing good.

CM: I first want to take a moment to thank you for giving me this opportunity to interview you. This is the first time I've interviewed anyone, so I really appreciate you taking the time to talk to me. I'm a huge fan of the show and have watched all the the available episodes. Do you mind if we talk a little bit about Fresh Off the Boat?

IC: Sure!

CM: What was the auditioning process for this show?

IC: There were four auditions. The first one was a video audition, I did it at my house and then I sent it to them. They liked me so there was another one that was a live audition and I think I talked to a casting director. On the third one I met with the producers and the directors and I did my lines for them. I think it was called a camera test.

CM: That sounds great. Did you initially audition for the role of Evan?

IC: Yeah I auditioned for the role of Evan. Actually at the time the character's name was Gary but I think Eddie Huang's brothers wanted to be part of the show.

CM: Did you have an opportunity to meet Eddie Huang?

IC: Yes I actually did. I think once when we were shooting the first season, he came to the Fox lot, and he gave us baseball hats.

My Interview With Ian Chen, from Fresh Off the Boat Image #69250CM: Wow that's really cool! Do you share any similarities or are there any differences between you and your character Evan?

IC: Kind of a big difference is that, I'm not the little brother in real life. I'm actually the big brother in my family. I have a little brother who appeared on Fresh Off the Boat once as younger Evan.

CM: What season and episode was it.

IC: It was season 1 episode 11, I think. It was the one where I say, "Yay I'm three".

CM. Wow, that's so cool. I'll have to go back and watch it again. Did you have to do anything to prepare for the role of Evan?

IC: I read through the script. I try to understand how the character feels and does. Is he the little brother in the family, does he boss people around. I just look over the script.

CM: So, I did see that you were able to meet Shaq and Jeremy Lin. What was it like meeting them?

IC: It was actually pretty cool. They were really nice people. Shaq actually gave us some advice.

CM: Oh yeah? What was the advice?

IC: He said to always listen to your mother.

CM: Haha that's great advice. Just moving on, I had an opportunity to see your scene in Grey's Anatomy. What was being on that show like?

IC: It was pretty fun. They were very talented and really experienced.

My Interview With Ian Chen, from Fresh Off the Boat Image #68943CM: What was the audition process like for that? Any similarities or differences from your audition for Fresh Off the Boat?

IC: It was a little different. It was a little faster since it wasn't a big role compared to Fresh Off the Boat. It only took me about one or two auditions to get the role.

CM: How did it feel working on that show?

IC: It was pretty cool. The stage was a lot bigger and it's a drama and it's based in the present, so there are a lot of differences. There was a lot of blood in front of me.

CM: Oh my gosh that sounds intense.

IC: Yeah it was.

CM: So how is it working with the cast of Fresh Off the Boat? Any funny stories you're willing to share with us?

IC: Actually, Husdon, Forrest, and I are starting a band called Fresh on the Beat. That's the unofficial name. We are performing this week, I think.

CM: Wow that's really cool. What do you play in the band?

IC: I'm the guitar player. Hudson plays the keyboard and Forrest used to play drums, and the keyboard, but now he plays the bass. I think he's going to stop at bass. But he may play the bass and the drums. He has a drum set in his house.

CM: You sing as well, right?

IC: Yeah, I sing and so does Hudson.

CM: Do you have a favorite episode of Fresh Off the Boat?

IC: I actually do have a favorite episode. It's in season 2 episode 7. I don't think I can talk about this yet because it hasn't aired.

CM: Yeah it looks like it hasn't aired yet. It looks like it's the Big 1-2. Why is it your favorite, if you can tell us?

IC: It's kind of my favorite because there's a twist in the roles.

CM: Do you have any plans for any future work? Any roles you're auditioning for?

IC: I'm not really auditioning for anything right now because I'm still shooting Fresh Off the Boat

CM: Okay. Any future plans?

IC: Maybe I'll act until I'm 17 or 18 and then go to college. I'll either be a lawyer or a pilot.

CM: Why those two choices?

IC: I like commercial planes. I like to read about them. I read papers about airplanes and about new airplanes. I like to search about airplanes. My favorite airplane is the A380 airplane.

CM: What airplane is that?

IC: The A380 is the largest airplane in the world. It's a double-decker airplane made by Airbus.

CM: Why do you like that plane?

IC: I like big planes and I hope to fly one one day, when I grow up and I'm experienced because I don't want to crash it.

CM: Do you do anything else in your free time?

IC: I like to play with my Legos, I have a Lego Mini City and Mini Town. I like to play Minecraft and I like to read and watch tv shows.

CM: What tv shows are you watching?

IC: I watch Modern Family, Black-ish, sometimes Dr. Kim. I don't really have time to watch a lot of tv. And of course I watch Fresh Off the Boat.

CM: You watch your own show? I know some people don't like to watch their own stuff.

IC: Yeah. I don't like to watch myself sing.

CM: You mentioned before that you wanted to be a lawyer when you grow up. Why a lawyer?

IC: I guess it's kind of fun, maybe? I don't really know. I kind of like law I used to want to be a police officer but it's a bit dangerous.

CM: Well thank you Ian. I really appreciate you taking the time to meet with you. Thank you so much!

IC: You're welcome.

So there you have it. Keep an eye out for the Big 1-2 and Fresh on the Beat. Also, check out Ian's instagram and Twitter accounts to see what he and the rest of the cast of Fresh Off the Boat are up to! And thanks so much to Ian for letting me interview you!

Written by cwm on Nov 4, 2015


Atomika posted 2 years ago

I love this show, Ian Chen is so adorable!

zoebug98 posted 3 years ago

Ian is such a cutie patootie! :) Fresh Off the Boat is fun and funny.

Thanks for posting this interview cwm. :)

kathy posted 3 years ago

lovely interview ! I really loved it , thank you and i can't wait for the next ...

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