Since the conception of TVmaze in 2014, one of our goals has been to provide accurate television related information.

We strongly believe in the Internet culture of sharing and participating. So for us it was a no brainer to create a REST TV API that would let anyone use the tv related data in the TVmaze database.

A TV API that can provide all the tv show information you need.

Have your cake and eat it too. The TVmaze API has clean code, fast performance and is free.

GET: show information - episode lists - schedules - cast information - show images - cast images - and much more.

We're fully engaged in further developing the TVmaze API to serve your needs. We listen and work closely together with the developers that make use of our TV API to power their own apps and sites. This allows the API to keep growing organically based on the needs of the developers. If you have any suggestions, we encourage you to post them here.

Check the dedicated Tvmaze API page ( for a detailed list of all the available CORS endpoints.

The TV API is so simple that you can generate show calendars and other lists with just a couple lines of code. See the example below.

Written by Jan at Apr 28, 2015


foo posted 2 years ago

Hah. TVRage is back. F them (especially with their excuse).

This site is still amazing.

mlapointe posted 2 years ago

nice, very nice

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