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Hi there! I'm one of the founders of tvmaze. Thank you for checking out my page.

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TVmaze as an app on your phone (pwa) Blog

TVmaze as an app on your phone (pwa)

@lao.san it seems Apple is lagging behind on pwa adoption. It added initial PWA support in iOS 11.3 on march 2018. Unfortunately iOS 12 doesn't seem to have improved the support in any significant way. You can read more about it here:

Progressive Web Apps on iOS are here https://medium.com/@firt/progressive-web-apps-on-ios-are-here-d00430dee3a7

A quote from the link relevant to your issue.

'But if there is no App Store, how do you install a PWA? ⚠️

That’s one of the most significant challenges on iOS as there will be no prompts or invitations from Safari (known as Web App Banners on Android). So the user has to go to your PWA URL somehow within Safari and then manually press the Share icon and then “Add to Home Screen.” There will be no indication that a website you are visiting is a PWA.'