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An update on the tvrage situation

It's been two weeks since suddenly went offline. For those of you who didn't know it, tvrage was a crowdsourced database full of TV information - somewhat like TVmaze itself. Tvrage was created over 10 years ago by a group of people using the data from a site called tvtome when tvtome was sold to a different company and slowly started to disappear. After these many years of collective editing, tvrage contained a wealth of information; we ourselves have more than once thankfully used it as a resource while researching TV shows.

The sudden disappearance of tvrage has been quite a mystery: there haven't been any announcements on the site, on their twitter, facebook page, or anywhere else. Because of this, in the past week a lot of people have turned to us for answers. We've been talking to a lot of people, including former tvrage staff members and editors, and while we have heard a couple of variants on a story about a conflict between the site owner and its system administrator, the recurring theme appears to be that the only person with answers has simply vanished without leaving a clue about the situation to anyone. After two weeks of this it's hard to conclude anything other than tvrage not coming back online.

The people we talked with expressed their particular concerns about the loss of all the data they had contributed to tvrage over the years: hand-written episode summaries, recaps, quotes, cultural references, cast- and crew credits and much more. We have now started an effort to salvage as much of this data as possible. Since last week, we've been collecting tvrage data from many different sources: the Cloudflare cache, the Google cache,, etcetera. We also found a few people who still had a large set of cached data from the tvrage API available on their computers.

We hope to be able to combine all these different data sets, sanitize the data, and recover a large amount of the content that was once submitted to tvrage. If we succeed, we aim to make this data publicly available so it can be retrieved again by their original authors, who can then re-add it to TVmaze or other databases if they wish to do so. Don't get your hopes up just yet though, all of this is still pending a lot of hard work and further research on the legal consequences.

Expect an update on this situation in a few weeks from now. In the mean time, if you have access to any cached tvrage data and want to join our effort, please reach out using the site, social media or email: contact at tvmaze dot com.

tl;dr: We have started an effort to restore years of contributed data from users on and will do our best to make it publicly available if we succeed.

UPDATE (17 OCT 2015)

The former tvrage sysadmin (kernelpanic) posted the following response in the comments:

Anyway, the last email I got from the owner was that he was going to sell the domain name "" and that he was quitting, because he was sick and tired of everything, and yes the 'everything' part is a long story and is something he needs to figure out by himself.
On the other hand there are rumours that it's going to be back, but that is something you'd have to be willing to wait for.. if you are really eager for TVRage, I don't really care :)

Written by david at Sep 21, 2015


BigDocFan posted 3 years ago

the owner has put tvrage up for say, about 15000 euros

Mr_KyleD posted 3 years ago

TVRage is dead. It went offline in August 2016 due to supposed hacking. It's been gone ever since & there's no reason to think it's coming back.

ChrisAmon posted 3 years ago

TVrage? What happened to it online?

JessG posted 3 years ago

I used to write for TVRage and also had no idea what was going on with the site. I'm sad my articles seem to be lost and that I no longer have an outlet to write all things entertainment!! Does TVMaze welcome independent contributors to the site?

Mr_KyleD posted 4 years ago

If anyone is interested, TVRage is offline again, this time with, as of right now, a simple message "TVRage will return" but last night at 11pm EST there was a message "To whomever is trying to hack TVRage and destroy [its] database, Jesus loves you. TVRage will be offline till this continuous attack can be prevented once and for all. TVRage will return."

photoN posted 4 years ago

TVRage is back as of a month ago, but they're asking for a second round of donations just to bring the API back online. Of course, that's what they implied the first round was for, and so far the mods/staff are uncommunicative which has me worried. If anyone's thinking about donating to get their API back online, I wouldn't risk it. The only reason I want it is because no one has built a TVmaze provider for Sickrage/Sickgear yet.

ATA2D posted 4 years ago

It's back. I doubt there will be may people who will "flock" over to it but it is back online.

oldskool posted 4 years ago

I just noticed that message on too. At this point, after all that happened I doubt if they will really come back. But if they do, I think they've lost most of their loyal contributors/editors to alternative sites like TVMaze. Any reincarnation will definitely not be a real comeback, I think it's already too late for that.

BigDocFan posted 4 years ago

Dear Visitor, TVRage will be online soon again, please bare with us, thank you for your support

Regards, TVRage Team

endedtvseries posted 4 years ago

Hi, I am the owner and sys admin at We love TVrage, and hope they are able to overcome these obstacles. If we can do anything Please let us know.

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