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Free toilet roll with every Premium purchase while stock lasts.

@Janner wrote:
Thanks for the temporary premium upgrade.  Given I don't use the API feature, I guess the only benefits are no ads?

I did give the weekly calender a look, but as I like my calender to start on a Monday, and I have my regional time settings for the UK, the weekly calender runs from Tuesday to Monday.  I took one look and swapped back immediately to monthly view.

So thanks for the temporary upgrade, it was nice to see what I am missing, but £30 a year to avoid ads is just too much.  (:

PS:  One feature I am loving though is the dropdown next to each episode in monthly view after if has aired.  This seemed to come along at the same time as the premium upgrade, so was wondering if this is a premium feature or something that was implemeted at the same time?

The advanced calendar is indeed a premium feature. You can read about it at, and you can see all the benefits of the premium membership listed at

Regarding the weekly calendar, it should run from Monday to Monday (or from Sunday to Sunday if you've enabled that preference), but note that enabling "Display airdates on the calendar and schedule in your local timezone" will convert the original airdates to your local timezone and potentially cause some confusion here. If you still suspect there's a problem here, please open a bug report in our forums and I'll take a deeper look :)

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