If Niska occurred in the natural world, she'd be an argument for intelligent design. Something as beautiful as she is could only have been created, as indeed she was. We meet her working as a prostitute in a legal Synthetic brothel, just one of millions of registered Synthetic sex workers who do anything you want, don't need payment (that goes to the human pimps and madams), and never even need to leave their room. But Niska exhibits behaviours that mark her out as a little different to her empty-headed co-workers. If you didn't know she was just a machine, you'd be tempted to think she seemed… angry. In fact, you may wonder if, under the sexy smile and come-hither eyes, there wasn't a great, ice-cold rage against humanity – above all, men – who use her for their pleasure. But why would anyone program a machine to hate its makers?


Main cast, played by Emily Berrington