Episode 8

With the Synths in captivity, the devastated Hawkins' realise how much Mia and her family mean to them and are determined to help them

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LadyCuddles posted 2 years ago

Beautiful series, wonderful show. I seriously hope this continues on to a second season.

Someone turned me on to this show, and I can't thank them enough. Reminiscent of the movie AI (Artificial Intelligence), it delves deeper by giving us, the viewer, what it would be like to have a machine around to help around the house. Only that some of these "devices" are mistreated, abused, and have to deal with, as one of the "Synths" state: We are treated like you (humans) can't, or shouldn't be treated like. To paraphrase, and in a situation as a prostitute, they treat us like they want to treat you. As this becomes their "lot" in life, until they start to show feelings, pain, love, etc... These synths want to share this to all the other synths, and at the final episode here, they are questioning the ramifications of this choice, carried over to a mass-population of global proportion. Definitely a cliff-hanger, and again, hope to see a second season of this show.

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