Patrick "Paddy" Fitzgerald

Paddy is the first Mayor of Yoorana. He's a self-made man that has the gift of the gab, a manipulative nature and a self-awareness of his tendency to be narcissistic, racist and even violent. When Paddy is resurrected he assumes he was an honourable man in his past life, however unbeknownst to him, his first life contains the smears of a mistress and a murder.

The Paddy that returns from the dead is pragmatic and embracing of the modern world. He is determined to regain his position in society and works hard to gather the money, resources and allies to get there. He plans to restore himself and Yoorana to greatness with the help of Beau, his elected wingman, and a secret he took with him to the grave more than a hundred years ago.


Main cast, played by Ned Dennehy