Rachel Zane

For years, Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle) dreamed of attending Harvard Law and working as a lawyer at the firm she loved: Pearson Specter. Instead, she was lost in paralegal limbo, stuck watching less gifted minds surpass her while she was left to do their research. But after years of being held back by poor test scores, Rachel found the nerve to take the LSAT one more time, and – with the encouragement of Mike – finally aced them.

Since then, Rachel fell in love with Mike and, thanks to a deal she struck with Jessica Pearson, started attending law school at Columbia while working part time at Pearson Specter. But all this progress hasn't been without its setbacks, and when the recent return of an old flame caused her heart to momentarily stray, it threatened to destroy everything she and Mike had built. And while the two of them may have picked up the pieces, Louis's discovery of the truth about Mike will threaten to throw another wrench into their happily ever after scenario…

(Source: USA Network)


Main cast, played by Meghan Markle