Donna Paulsen

Don't let her title fool you. Donna (Sarah Rafferty) may be Harvey's executive assistant, but she's one of the most formidable minds at Pearson Hardman. With her razor sharp wit and knowledge of all the comings and goings at the firm, Donna is admired and feared by both associates and partners alike, and she's not afraid to wield that power when it suits her needs.

Having been with Harvey since his days in the D.A.'s office, Donna keeps the fine machinery of his life well oiled and is privy to all his secrets – including the truth about Mike. She also acts as his conscience when he needs it most, and he'll need her now more than ever, as Mike's new job will soon lead to conflict with his old mentor. But while Donna can see that Harvey and Mike are headed for a collision, she may not be able to stop the impact…

(Source: USA Network)


Main cast, played by Sarah Rafferty