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Jessica Pearson

You don't get to the helm of one of the top law firms in the city without learning how to play the game, and Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) plays it better than anyone else. Cool and calculating, Jessica always makes sure that even if one of her attorneys loses, her firm still wins. However, win or lose, she's got her employees' backs, and she's not afraid to go to the mat with anyone foolish enough to pick a fight.

Instrumental in nurturing Harvey's career, Jessica wasn't initially impressed by Harvey's choice of Mike Ross as a potential protégé. However, as Jessica dealt with conniving former partners, failed mergers, and threats from both outside and inside her own firm, she came to see Mike as the asset he truly was.

More recently, Jessica began dating Senior Partner Jeff Malone, and though navigating the personal and professional landmines of a relationship like theirs hasn't been easy, Jessica has allowed herself to start dismantling some of the walls she has built up over the years. However, there are some things that Jessica isn't quite ready to share, and Louis's recent discovery of Mike's secret may soon put her in the compromising position of having to choose between her blossoming romance and the firm she's worked so hard to build…

(Source: USA Network)

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Main cast, played by Gina Torres