Who Am I?

Will risks the cluster's secrecy to try and find Whispers' location. Meanwhile, Lito attends his movie premiere, Felix receives an unexpected gift, and Nomi and Amanita investigate the origins of Homo sensorium.



By Gadfly on May 6, 2017

Will is asleep, drugged out, when he hears a woman calling to him. He hears what Whispers is hearing, as he monitors a captive Sense8. As the Sense8 wakes up, Will wakes up. Angela is watching from nearby. Meanwhile, the Sense8 walks under Whispers' control, and Whispers says that he believes that it will help them trust them to Angela. They kiss and the current-Angela tells Will to stop it. Meanwhile, the Sense8 looks at the humans watching him, grabs a knife, and cuts a guard's throat. When…

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