Isolated Above, Connected Below

Kala gives in to her heart but then asks Wolfgang to help her not to. Meanwhile, Riley meets with an eccentric Scottish Sensate from the rave, and Nomi and Amanita track down the cabin where Angelica did her research.


By Gadfly on May 13, 2017

Will and Riley take a train and Riley has Will take a blocker to stop Whispers from linking with him. They kiss and then Will takes the pill. Mr. Hoy merges in with Riley, who introduces herself. She tells Will that Hoy doesn't trust them, and Hoy admits that he's escaped a lot of BPO traps through the years. Hoy takes a blocker and figures that they'll see each other again before leaving the merge. Sun tells her teacher that she has to go. Unsurprised, he gives her a bag that he's put food, clo…

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