Magnifying Glass

When Matty's goddaughter Vanessa is shot to death, the team discovers that the MO matches that of San Francisco's Zodiac Killer... who was never caught.

Guest Cast


By Gadfly on Feb 11, 2017

In San Francisco, Vanessa Frank and her boyfriend Daniel Lee are at a park at night. Vanessa tells Xxx that she got a full scholarship, just as a car pulls up. It parks and the driver shines his headlights, and then gets out. He's wearing a mask, and fires a gun. At Phoenix, Mac is putting together a robot and Jack is worried about the robot apocalypse. Wilt agrees with Mac and points out that AI will probably be in health care. Jack worries that the robots will become self-aware and rise up,…

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Episode Discussion

Aidan posted 8 months ago

Looks like they did a setup for a crossover with Hawaii Five-O at the end there

pentar posted 8 months ago

CBS loves their munchkin bosses.

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