The Deception

The trio investigates a village where a group of hooded ape Dragoons are terrorizing the humans after two humans allegedly killed an ape scholar. Things get complicated when the dead ape's blind daughter falls in love with Pete, unaware that he's a human.

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By Gadfly on Feb 6, 2017

At a village, apes gather for the funeral of Lucian, father of Fauna. After the ceremony, Fauna wonders how the humans could have killed her father and says that she hates them. Lucian's brother Sestus says that the humans are just animals, and the local gorilla commander Perdix promises to bring the killers to justice. The other apes say that they must unite and drive the humans out, but Perdix insists that it will be handled within the law and he is the law. Pete, Alan, and Galen stay at th…

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