The Horse Race

A young human rides a horse to get an antidote to save Galen's life, even though it's against the law. When he's captured, Alan agrees to ride in a horse race against Urko's jockey to save the boy's life.


By Gadfly on Feb 13, 2017

Two gorillas are racing on a course, and Urko and the local prefect are watching. The prefect points out that Urko sets the bet and demands the race, and laughs when the prefect points out that he has never laughed. Along the course, one of Urko's gorillas snaps a branch into the prefect's rider. Urko's rider Kagan comes out ahead but the horse throws a shoe and the prefect's jockey wins. Urko's lieutenant Zandar tells him to make sure the horse is show for the next race in the village of Ven…

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